What's in a name?

A couple years after Joy and I got married, (in 2002) we went to Chicago for a magazine editor's conference. I went to the seminars during the day and then in the evenings we went and hung out in the city. It was quite an outstanding time.

While we were there we came across a store that immediately caught our attention. It was a popcorn store. Now those who faithfully read our blog know about my affection for dark chocolate M&Ms, as well as Mexican food. But another culinary delight that we frequently enjoy, but have never blogged before is popcorn. Yes, popcorn.

So today I ran across the store, one of only two in New York, (most are in Chicago) and I naturally went inside and snapped a couple images as I was purchasing a snack.

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If you're interested in learning more about Garrett Popcorn, or even ordering some for yourself, feel free to browse their site.


regina holder said...


I have to agree on the popcorn! Corey McNabb and I took a walking tour of Chicago in May. We stopped in for some popcorn, because it said it was Oprah's favorite. Then, since we had already finished the small bag, walked out of the way to go back for the big bag. Who would think that cheddar and caramel popcorn together would be so out of this world? You've been doing some serious eating lately with all the gelato and now popcorn!

Miss you horribly! I am making a road trip to Chattanooga when things calm down! I wish the OSP GTG was there with you again.


Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

LOL re doing some serious eating..... Actually, I think I've just been posting about it more lately, but with all the big city walking, it's balancing out. When we get home in Nov, it's back to the exercise routine. :-)


Anonymous said...

Garret's popcorn is the best in all the world! I always get some while I am in Chicago.