100 miles per hour...literally

Because of the nature of weddings, our calendar usually sets itself 9-12 months in advance. In fact, I’ve occasionally caught myself writing 2008 on checks, applications, etc., even though it's not 2008 for a few more months.

For quite a while we’ve known that October was going to be a crazy month, but never did we realize to what extent.

It started with two wonderful weddings in France and Scotland, and then a shoot in Italy with Kate and Nico. Then we were home for about 16 hours before driving to Florida for Tiffany and Andrew’s wedding. Then I flew to New York for three more shoots, and two presentations at PhotoPlus Expo. I returned to Florida, where we photographed Melissa and Jered’s wedding. We then drove back to Tennessee, where we were thrilled to spend 3 full days at home! Then we flew to Florida and photographed Kristina and Bobby’s wedding in St. Pete. The following day we drove to Charleston, South Carolina, to visit Joy’s family and photograph Brittany and Sam’s e-session. And we return back to Florida tomorrow, when we’ll prepare for Nicole and Jeffery’s wedding at Isleworth this weekend. On Friday we have two more e-sessions in the morning, then on Sunday we’ll fly home.

It’s been a busy month. We’re a boutique studio and our goal is quality, not quantity. But somehow we’ve been blessed with both quality AND quantity. And we’re very thankful for that.

But out of curiosity, the other morning I calculated our travel this month and came up with approximately 20,000 miles. That’s 80% of Delta’s ANNUAL requirement for Medallion status! And in just one month!

That’s a loose average of 650 miles per day!

Or to be more realistic, we could consider a five-day workweek, at 22 workdays per month, that’s 909 miles per workday!

And if we’re considering a full workday to be 8 hours per day, than this month we’ve been gong 113 miles per hour!

That’s crazy.

So on that note we’d like to especially thank our family and friends for pitching in and watching Graycen while we were overseas. And our album designer Carla and image processor Miriam, who have helped us stay relatively caught-up. For photographer friends helping us out on shoots and such. And little Graycen, for somehow seeming to understand what’s going on and remaining patient with us. And to each other, for maintaining sanity even when it’s difficult, and realizing that this wouldn’t be nearly as much fun on our own.

What a ride it's been. We can’t wait to celebrate Thanksgiving in a few weeks.

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Colleen Donovan said...

Congrats to the three of you! I've loved watching your business and success grow since finding you on OSP. It will be a wonderful Thanksgiving!