Jackie and Tony's e-session

I wanted to share just one quick picture from Jackie and Tony's engagement session. What a beautiful couple!

Thanks again, guys, we wish you all the best!


Kristina, high school senior

Kristina has a clear sense of style, that's for sure. She showed up for her session carrying her little pocket camera and on it was a snapshot of herself in each of the outfits so that we could see how they all looked and which ones we wanted to chose. Great idea!

What do you think?

Congratulations, Kristina! We wish you all the best and a fantastic senior year!


Natasha and Louis, married in Orlando

Natasha and Louis were married in Orlando in a beautiful wedding celebration at Knowles Chapel and the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes. The event was coordinated by Lisa Konecny and the fabulous E-events team.

Natasha was a stunning bride.

Obviously it runs in the family.

Louis didn't look too bad either.

Finishing touches

It's time

Just married!

The Ritz Carlton

Congratulations Natasha and Louis. It was an absolute pleasure to be with you on such a magnificent day. We wish you the best and brightest future!


Bethany, high school senior

Bethany and her family provided one of the most charming senior sessions ever. Not that 6:30 in the morning is very charming, but whenever I can talk a client into getting up and ready that early, the early morning light always enriches the images like nothing else.

Bethany is an animal lover and they certainly love her in return.

Bentley is still just a puppy, 10 months old.

Finally, one of my favorite images of the session. Magical.

Thanks again, Bethany. You did great! And thanks to your wonderful family, too, for being so hospitable and for breakfast after the session!


Taylor, high school senior

Taylor came to us for her senior portraits and she had a clear and unique vision. Like everyone in her family, Taylor is an artist, and she wanted her artistic vision reflected in her portraits.

Thanks so much, Taylor, for allowing us to capture you. It was truly a pleasure. Congratulations on starting your senior year. We wish you all the best as you navigate this exciting time. Cheers!


Jake, high school senior

One of our favorite seniors last year was Jenna. And we were thrilled when she sent her brother Jake to us this year. It's always fun to keep things in the family.

Jake likes sports: swimming, cycling, running, basketball, softball, just to name a few. So here you go...

Thanks, Jake, it was a pleasure working with you and you did great! Congratulations and we hope you have a fantastic senior year!


Caroline, high school senior

We were super excited when Caroline's mom called us to talk about her senior session. During the consult it was obvious that Caroline already had specifics in mind for what direction she wanted to go with her pictures. "Vintage" was the theme that kept coming up.

Thanks so much, Caroline, you did great! Congratulations and have a fantastic senior year!


Emma, high school senior

Emma will be a senior next week. It's hard to believe that school is already starting. When Emma and her mother came in for her planning consult she told me that she was a "jeans and basketball shoes" kind of girl. Well, I'm not so sure about that.

We started really early in the morning to try and avoid the heat. But it was hot anyhow. She did great!

Jeans and basketball shoes? Yeah right. ;-)