Becky and Ryan's Key West shoot

We just got back from the fabulous wedding of Becky and Ryan at the Hyatt Key West. It's been a beautiful weekend here in Key West, and everyone has been so gracious.

A couple months ago Becky asked about doing some pre-wedding shots around the island and on the beach. So she purchased a non-wedding wedding dress and we spent a couple hours on Friday morning running around town. Becky and Ryan were great models. We borrowed a lady's dog, "Bugsey", borrowed some guy's Harley, and even used another gentleman's yacht!

We had a blast! Stay tuned for Becky and Ryan's wedding pics...


Rachel and Brian in Jamaica

Last weekend we had the pleasure of photographing Rachel and Brian's wedding at the Half Moon Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It was beautiful! Everything about the day was perfect. Rachel was a stunning bride and Brian was pretty fetching as well. They had a nice group of family and friends there for a beautiful wedding ceremony and a rockin' Jamaican reception.

Thanks so much guys, for letting us be a part of your special weekend. It truly was an honor. We wish you all the best as you begin your new life together.
From the rehearsal dinner at the villa. Above from left to right: David and Kathryn,(photographed their wedding last May) Brian and Rachel, Joy and Garrett.


On our way to Key West, FL!

We are flying out to Key West Thursday for Becky and Ryan's wedding at the fabulous Hyatt Resort. We are so excited and so happy for them. Becky and I worked at the Neonatal ICU together @ Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando. We became such good friends along with another Becky, LOL. We would plan and go to fun outings and have so much fun, (we can't wait to see you!!). We also get to bring Graycen with us, yeah!


Rachel and Brian's beach e-session

Okay, I know it's pretty lame to be sitting at the computer while we're in Jamaica, but I just had to post a couple shots from this morning. Rachel and Brian live in NYC and they kept talking about making a trip down to Orlando for an e-session, but we were having a hard time finding an agreeable date. So we decided to wait until the day before their wedding in Jamaica. And what fun!

They were troopers...up before 5 am! Yes, the sun rises early here. Anyhow, here are a couple of the images. More later.

Oh, and these guys are so great! Check out our villa. Our room runs the entire length of the top balcony on the right, and open the doors to a beautiful ocean view just a few feet away through the trees. We're considering moving her permanently. LOL!


GNP announces special seminar guest instructors...two seats left!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Gene Higa and Ann Hamilton will be joining us as our special guest instructors for our elevate seminar in June.

Gene and Ann are smokin' photographers based in San Francisco, where they share a boutique studio just minutes away from the Golden Gate Bridge. Gene travels the world photographing destination weddings in some of the most exotic corners of the earth. Ann is also no stranger to destination weddings. Her wedding work has been published in countless magazines and books and her past life as a newspaper journalist and public relations practitioner give her unique insights into this exciting industry.

Of course we're also excited to bring back Orlando's own Lisa Konecny, wedding coordinator extraordinaire. Lisa is a dear friend whom we've had the pleasure to get to know over the past couple years. She's a fantastic event planner and a brilliant marketer, and her presentation was one of the highlights of our last seminar.

elevate2 takes place in Orlando from June 4-6. We are equally excited to have urban music photographer and lighting guru Zack Arias with us. Zack will host his popular One Light Workshop on June 7, following elevate2.

For more information on the One Light Workshop in Orlando on June 7, please contact Zack Arias.

For more information on elevate2, please visit our website and click the "photographers" link, or contact Garrett Nudd Photography. We currently have just two seats left.

Back in Jamaica (Montego Bay @ Half Moon Resort!)

In Atlanta Airport now. We are off to Jamaica for the 2nd time this month for the fabulous wedding of Brian and Rachel. We are all staying in the 5 star Half Moon Resort and we are so excited!! They have arranged for all of us to stay in the awesome villas and you have to check out the site, it looks amazing. We are also very excited since Kathryn and David will be there as well, (we photographed their wedding last May, referred Rachel to us, and are the first dance couple, the A of E print from WPPI). FUN! Here are a few pictures from their website:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
And below is a picture from David and Kathryn's wedding...I think some of the wedding party will be there with us...fun group, can't wait! Can you see Rachel? ;)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Internet and cell phone usage is limited there, but we will do our best to get connected with you.


Katie and Justin

On Friday we had a great e-sesison with Katie and Justin. When we met initially we talked about several different locations to do their shoot, but they settled on Chattanooga's Bluff View Art District.

We had a blast working together. Fortunately the rain held off, especially considering that their first session was rained out.

We're so excited about their wedding in a couple months on Lookout Mountain.


Thoughts and Prayers

We just finished watching a special edition of Dateline--ABC News. While the country is still reeling from the horrific mass murder at the campus of Virginia Tech, students across the nation pause to reflect and pray for the tragedy's victims and their families.

While I watched the VaTech students react to the tragedy I couldn't help but reflect on my time at Southern, both as a student and as a staff member.

I remember students coming together, offering prayer and encouragement for the family of a student who lost their life on Christmas eve.

I remember in 2001, when the university community came together to pay tribute to a slain police officer who was gunned down during a routine traffic stop.

I remember a few days later, when terrorists attached targets in NYC and Washington DC, in the worst attack ever on American soil. The student body came together in a candle-light vigil to pray for the victims and their families, the nation and our leaders.

I also remember more recently, though we were living more than 550 miles away, a fire ripped through a campus residence hall, claiming the life of one of the students. The campus and community united in tribute and prayer.

Today President Bush attended a ceremony at the Virginia Tech campus, and he called universities "sanctuaries of learning." And after seven years at a university (four as a student and three as a staff member), I couldn't agree more.

If there is any positive in this horrific tragedy, it's that the university family of VaTech will continue to pull together and lift each other up. And like our extended family at VaTech, the rest of us will pause and refocus on what's truly important: faith, family, freedom and friendships.

May we be filled with hope, when life seems hopeless.
May we be filled with love, when our hearts feel empty.
May we be filled with peace, when common sense says there is none.

Thoughts and prayers.

Renee and Erick

Photographing weddings is so much fun, but photographing weddings in Jamaica is even more fun! And when we have the opportunity to work with couples like Renee and Erick, it's pretty unbelievable.

Renee and Erick were married at the Blue Cave Castle in Negril, Jamaica. Perhaps you saw their pre-wedding session images a few posts before.

Their ceremony was absolutely magnificant and featured several really nice readings, as well as a butterfly release. After the ceremony we had time for some creative portraits before the sun disappeared into the sea.

Special thanks to our good friend and resident Jamaican, Timco, for coming along and riding shotgun. And for introducing me to some pretty good Jamaican food!

Congratulations, Renee and Erick. Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your special day. May God bless you as you begin your new life together.


WPPI Award of Excellence and Vegas Slideshow

Hi, this is Joy :) Totally forgot to post this and I know Garrett wouldn't, so...here is Garrett's WPPI 16x20 Award of Excellence print. It is of Kathryn and David's first dance. This was his first entry at WPPI...yeah! Congratulations to all the winners!
This picture is of all the lanyards and name tags we had to wear. And here is the slideshow: http://www.garrettnuddphotography.com/Slideshow/vegas2007
For the photographer friends we were privileged to hang out with and give so much inspiration, thank you for everything....you know who you are! Miss you guys already and can't wait til next year!


Renee and Erick's e-session in Jamaica

We'd been looking forward to Renee and Erick's e-session and wedding in Jamaica. Their wedding was at one of the coolest places in Negril, the Blue Cave Castle.

So on the morning of their wedding, we climbed down the steps into the cave for some shots. Renee and Erick were great! Check these out!

Our friend Timco shot this "great" image of me phtographing.


The Business of Storytelling

Last night I returned from a radiant wedding in Negril, Jamaica, flew into Atlanta, drove to Chattanooga and spent about 8 hours there, before getting up early this morning and heading back to Atlanta for four days with our friends from LaCour at their seminar, The Business of Storytelling.

They held their first seminar in February, and it was so well received, that this week they're repeating it.

It's only the first day and my head is spinning. These guys are good. And we haven't even started talking about shooting yet! But there's so much more to running a successful phototography business than shooting alone. We can't wait to see what they have in store for the rest of the week!

Thanks guys, for what promises to be an unbelievable educational experience.


Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow (by wideawake)

Hey guys, (this is Joy)

I just wanted to write and say Happy Easter and hope you are spending this special holiday with loved ones.
Just heard this on a friend's myspace page, (thanks Ryan J!) and wanted to share. Beautiful song! Grab a box of Kleenex.

  • Click HERE to listen on LiveStrong website

  • Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow
    Written by Scott Leger, lead singer of wideawake

    Inspired by a friend's cancer diagnosis and the LIVESTRONG campaign, Scott Leger wrote Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow to honor cancer survivors across the world.

    Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow is dedicated to the millions of people affected by cancer. Those who we've lost and those who survive, fight, volunteer, support, research, raise awareness, give and inspire.

    The song debuted on May 19 at the LIVESTRONG Gala and is now available through iTunes. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this song benefit the LAF.

    Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow Lyrics

    I heard the news today. It came out of nowhere.
    I wish I could run away,
    but where would I go?
    Is this my destiny? Something so unfair... What will become of me?
    God only knows.

    And they say the road to heaven might lead us back through hell.
    Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow, we will win this fight and bury this sorrow.
    We're so alive, still holding on, not ready to die, so we LIVESTRONG.

    My pride is left for dead, as my world gets shaken.
    The thoughts inside my head are so hard to control.
    I am staring down the unknown, but one thing is certain.
    You could break my body, but you will never break my soul.

    And they say the road to heaven might leads us back through hell, but we're holding on for more
    than stories to tell.

    Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow, we will win this fight and bury this sorrow.
    We're so alive, still holding on, not ready to die, so we LIVESTRONG.


    The Masters

    I remember the feeling when I first stepped onto the grounds of Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters Golf Tournament. I was 13 years old, and to a golf-crazed boy from Chattanooga it was the closest thing to heaven on earth.

    And even now, 17 years and nearly 10 visits later, it’s still a golf experience like none-other. Monday was my first time back in about 5 years. The weather was perfect, the course was extraordinary, and it was an all around great day.

    Monday through Wednesday are the practice rounds, where the participants show up to practice for the tournament that takes place Thursday through Sunday, where they compete for the most coveted prize in golf.

    Of course the best part about the practice rounds is that they allow cameras.

    Former US Open Champion and #2 ranked golfer in the world, Jim Furyk

    Augusta National

    Another former US Open Champion, Retief Goosen, from South Africa

    Augusta National's famous tall pines

    Tiger's tee shot on the par 3 sixth

    Tiger chips to the par 5 8th

    Tiger's approach to the green on #9

    Tiger teeing off on #17

    Marching toward a 5th green jacket???