Way to go, Dad!

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We just got news that my father finished second for his age in the 23rd annual Sunbelt Cohutta Springs Triathlon. WOW!

He's going to kill us for posting this picture, but we're really excited and we couldn't resist. This pic is actually from last year's race...this year's pics aren't uploaded yet.

The race includes a half-mile swim, 18-mile bike and 4-mile run. As a bonus he was first out of the water for his age group. He finished top 15% of the entire race in the swim. I think this is his fifth consecutive year participating in the triathlon.

When we moved from Florida back to Tennessee last year, we spent several months living at my parents' house while we were in transition and it was amazing to see his dedication to physical fitness, even when temperatures dipped into the teens, he'd still be outside running. I guess that more than makes up for his dedication to chocolate :) Hahahaha! Oh, and for your prize, dad, we're bringing some chocolate home from Paris!!!

Okay, I guess I'd better dust off my running shoes when we get back home.

(This is Joy now): Thank you for taking me shopping for new running shoes a couple weeks ago...I promise to use them as well! ;)

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sticky said...

Way to go Mr. Nudd! You are an inspiration to us "lazy photographers"! Brandy and I are dusting off our running shoes(as soon as we get done with this plate of nachos).