Destination wedding photography

As a child I didn't have the opportunity to travel much.
We had a yearly vacation, usually to South Carolina
or Florida or somewhere up in the Northeast.
It was always a fun and exciting experience
and I look back with the fondest of memories.

But there's something extra special and even quite thrilling about traveling overseas,
visiting a new destination, exploring, experiencing a different culture,
intentionally putting yourself outside your comfort zone,
and yes, maybe even getting lost.

I love this quote:
"Tis better to have traveled and gotten lost
than to have never traveled at all."
-George Santayana

Yesterday we were thrilled by the news that we have been selected by
top 20 destination wedding photographers in the world.

The upcoming issue of the magazine, which will be on newsstands on August 8,
lists the Destination Weddings & Honeymoons A-List of Destination Wedding Photographers.

Thanks to Diane Rice and the rest of the crew at DW&H.
And thanks to so many of our fabulous clients who have commissioned us
in amazing locations around the country and abroad.



Megan left her reception and came back a few minutes later wearing a fun little cocktail dress.
I loved the way it swooshed and flowed and photographed so beautifully.
But most of all I loved how all evening long, whenever they were on the dancefloor,
Megan and Brad buried themselves in each other's arms.

These two were so happy to get married.

At the end of the night, everyone left and lined up outside,
while Megan and Brad stayed behind for one last private dance.


Style and Sophistication, No.3

Previously I shared a few pictures from a bridal fashion session,
with the lovely and talented Melissa.
Post 2 here.
Here is the third and final installment.

This is my favorite image from the session.

Model: Melissa Baker
Dress 1: Priscilla of Boston, Vineyard Collection
Accessories: Priscilla of Boston
Make-up/hair: Simone at Makeover Station


Bri & Michael's oceanside wedding

Bri and Michael traveled from Chattanooga, Tennessee
for their lovely intimate wedding at
the Sand Pearl Resort & Spa in Clearwater, Florida.


Bri and her little sister are super close.
It was so touching to see this emotion right after Bri and Michael were married.

Speaking of emotion...

There's nothing like the beach

Florals: Botanica



When I think of the word "happy" I think of this picture.
Captured last night just before bedtime.
Our girls play, fight, laugh and cry constantly,
but they are truly best friends.

I can't think about them without thinking of the
"why" and the "how" they are around.

Today is Joy's birthday.
She has been my best friend for almost 14 years.
And today I see some of her biggest strengths in our girls.
Her passion.
Her stubbornness...or maybe perseverance/drive/ambition would be a better description.
Her care and concern for others less fortunate.
The way she laughs and the way she cries.
Most of all, her grace.

So happy birthday, love. There's absolutely no one that makes the girls and me happier.


Style and Sophistication, No.2

Previously I shared a few pictures from a bridal fashion session
with the lovely and talented Melissa.
Here is the second installment.

Model: Melissa Baker
Accessories: The Collection
Make-up/hair: Simone at Makeover Station


Melissa & Brandon, just one

"I was born to catch dragons
in their dens
and pick flowers.
To tell tales and
laugh away the morning.
To drift and dream
like a lazy stream
and walk barefoot
across sunshine days."
James Kavanaugh

Last weekend we photographed a truly beautiful farm wedding.
Everyone's been asking for a sneak peek and I'm just not quite ready.
But here's one.

The lovely Melissa & Brandon


Regal by the sea

It was a combination of regal and relaxed.
In the midst of a couple days of relaxation and refreshment
at the exquisite Ritz Carlton Amelia Island,
Debby and Mike were married in truly spectacular fashion.

At the reception Debby's father shared the story of years ago
when they visited the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island.
Even as a young girl, Debby said to her parents,
"wouldn't this be a beautiful place for a wedding?"

Well, dreams do come true.

Debby's parents were celebrating their 37th anniversary that weekend,
so they shared a beautiful dance as well.

Wedding coordinator: Lisa Stoner, E-events Design
Floral Design: Botanica
Lighting: Tommy Hart


June, high school senior

I love photographing high school seniors.
This is June from Collegedale Academy.


Sofia and Emma in Naples

"Sibling relationships outlast marriages,
survive the death of parents,
and resurface after quarrels that would sink any friendship.
They flourish in a thousand incarnations of
closeness and distance, warmth, loyalty and distrust."
-Erica E. Goode

I met these two beautiful young ladies last October at a wedding in Chattanooga
and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph them recently in Naples.


Karen & Jimmy's Chattanooga garden wedding

"Garrett, if people are comfortable and relaxed at our home,
then Karen Elizabeth's wedding will have been a success."
Those were the words that Mrs. Clement, Karen's mom, kept telling me
when we visited together a few days before her wedding.

After visiting their gracious and charming home on Elder Mountain,
and witnessing what a consummate hostess she is,
I assured her that everyone would be quite comfortable.
No, I obviously couldn't speak for all of the guests,
but with fantastic food, great music, and wonderful friends and family,
I honestly couldn't think of any place I'd rather be
on a such beautiful spring Chattanooga evening.

A few days ago I shared a couple pictures of Karen's parents' garden
and the view from their home.
What a beautiful location!

Here are a few images from their wedding.

Who doesn't love a fabulous pair of Kate Spade shoes?
And check out the great detail on the front!
The perfect accent to compliment her stunning Monique Lhuillier gown.

Their first dance was so charming in front of the large wall of windows.

Karen's nephew was such a ham. I loved photographing this little guy.

The newlyweds stroll through the gardens.

Congratulations Karen and Jimmy! It was truly our pleasure.
Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Clement for being such fabulously gracious hosts.
And to Morgan and her Soirees team, we love you guys!