elevate 3| Denver, CO : 6 seats left

Elevate 3 is right around the corner! There are 6 seats left so if you have been thinking of going, sign up soon through the website: http://www.garrettnuddworkshops.com. We just talked to Kristy today about what her presentation is about and she is our guest speaker from The Ritz Carlton, Denver. We are in for a treat! Elevate 3 takes place on April 22-23 at Jenna Walker's studio.

Hope to see you there!


What a wedding video should be

Occasionally one of our clients will ask us if we offer video services along with our photography. The answer is "absolutely no." Joy and I firmly believe that it's best to leave the videography to folks who are talented in that realm and let us handle the still photography.

We're always happy to recommend our favorite videographers, those who we stand head and shoulders above the rest. From California to Orlando and everywhere in between, there are a handful that come to mind. One such videographer is Jeffrey Stoner.

Joy found this mini-clip from Ann Marie and William's wedding on Ann Marie's FaceBook page the other day. We think its stellar! Ann Marie and William got married last August in St. Augustine and we had a blast working with everyone.
Check it out...



Angela and Scott Paul's "normal" wedding

When we talked with Angela on the phone a few weeks ago there was an instant connection. It's pretty unusual for a bride to call just 3-4 weeks before her wedding and it's equally unusual that our calendar is open. So we determined that it was meant to be and the rest is history. Throughout our entire time together she kept referring to her wedding as, "if this was a 'normal' wedding....."

Angela and Scott Paul had planned their wedding amidst a wonderful weekend packed with one family event after another. And unfortunately, on the day of the wedding, mother nature had other plans. As the outdoor ceremony began, lightning cracked and thunder rolled and then the skies opened up. Everyone raced for cover and then the rain turned into hail. It was unbelievable!

A few minutes later the rain subsided and everyone headed back out. The beautiful bride and her father walked down the aisle, and as the minister began, the skies opened up again. This time everyone stayed put. It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony as families huddled under umbrellas and Angela and Scott Paul sealed their marriage in the middle of a romantic spring thunder shower.

After the ceremony, the skies cleared and the sun came out. The two families shared a fantastic time of dinner and dancing as they celebrated their coming together.

Congratulations Angela and Scott Paul. Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your special day. May God continue to bless you as you begin this exciting journey together.


Fun Surprise from Garrett

Garrett left for WPPI Vegas early this morning.

This is what Gray and I woke up to:

A present for each day of the week he is gone! Ahhh! Sigh.

Garrett has always surprised me with gifts even from 11 years ago...even to this day, he never ceases to amaze me.

Thank you for giving us something fun to look forward to each morning!!

And for those who will be in Vegas with him, give him a hug for us :)


PS. Lots of random special pics I found and its coming during the week.


Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Convention

For the third year in a row, GNP is headed to the annual WPPI convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Garrett will be there from March 16, Sunday through March 20, Thursday. This is a really exciting and educational time for many photographers worldwide and we always come home inspired and bursting with new ideas for our business and clients.

We are excited to represent our wonderful sponsors and vendors once again this year. A new and exciting project for Garrett this year is that he was selected to be one of three photographers to photograph WPPI's A Day in the Life. It is a project with Graphistudio and Rangefinder, partnering with WPPI and capturing the tradeshow, seminars, and many of the events taking place throughout the week. The images will be displayed in a beautiful album and featured in the magazine.

Here is the schedule, (although other events will be added to it later) so if you're a photographer and near one of the tradeshow booths, please stop by and say hello!

GNP WPPI Schedule

Sunday, March 16:
6:15 pm: Day in the Life planning session with Graphistudio and Cinematic Studios
6:00 pm: Livebooks dinner @ Pink Taco (invite only)
7:00 pm: Graphistudio dinner @ Le Burger Brasserie (invite only)
9:00 pm: Swanky Soiree Party @ Hotel at Mandalay Bay (invite only)

Monday, March 17:
Day in the Life WPPI shoot (for Graphi and Rangefinder)
11:30-1:00 pm: Elevate Workshop Lunch and GTG @ Mon Ami Gabi Paris
1:00 pm: Livebooks Presentation at tradeshow
2-2:30 pm: Graphistudio Presentation at tradeshow
9:30 pm: DWF Gathering at Westin

Tuesday, March 18:

Day in the Life WPPI shoot (for Graphi and Rangefinder)
12:30-1:00 pm: Graphistudio Presentation at tradeshow
8:00 pm: Becker’s Party (invite only)

Wednesday, March 19:
Day in the Life WPPI shoot (for Graphi and Rangefinder)
1:00 pm: Livebooks Presentation at tradeshow

Can't wait to see you there!


Destination: Success, Professional Photographer magazine

We are thrilled to be one of three photographers featured in an article titled Destination: Success, by Jeff Kent, in the annual weddings issue (March) of Professional Photographer magazine.

The article highlights the ever-growing market of Destination Weddings. We've been fortunate to score some pretty exciting destinations over the past couple years. Last year we were in Jamaica twice, Norway, Scotland, France and Italy. And this year we'll be shooting overseas in Anguilla and Switzerland and then several other exciting locations w/in the States. But even more exciting, are the wonderful couples that we've been blessed to work with.

Also featured in the article are our dear friends Gene Higa and Jessica Claire. It's especially exciting for us to be featured with them because for a long time both Gene and Jessica have been an inspiration to us.

Finally, a special thanks to our friend Jeff Kent for doing a fantastic job on the article. We've been a big fan of Jeff's writing for the past couple years and every month when we receive the magazine I always look forward to reading his articles.


Erin and Mike's e-session

Imagine our surprise when several months ago Florida wedding coordinator extraordinarre Lisa Konecny of e-events called and said she had a fantastic client who was getting married in Orlando at the Ritz Carlton, and had just moved to Chattanooga. How convenient! So Erin and Mike came by the studio and we immediately hit it off.

The other afternoon I met with them for their engagement session in Chattanooga, and what fun we had.

They live downtown in an uber-cool loft apartment. Since I'm 30 going on 45, and I'm not as well versed in the latest gaming trends, they introduced me to the wildly addictive Guitar Hero III.

The cat wasn't nearly as enthusiastic but remained a really good sport the entire time.

We wrapped up at the Walnut Street Bridge and Coolidge Park.

Coincidentally, or perhaps not, Erin purchased her wedding gown from Brittany at Solutions Bridal. Our faithful few blog followers will surely notice that Brittany was our most recent bride, and was also married at the Ritz...with Lisa from e-events. We love when that happens!

Thanks guys, for a fantastic session and so much fun. We can't wait for your big day in November in Orlando. And next time I'm ready for a good workout, I'm inviting myself over for some Guitar Hero!


Special Baby Shower for Heather (and Tabor)

Last Sunday, I hosted (along with Maria and Kelli) a lovely baby shower for my sister in law, Heather at our home. It was a beautiful day for it and it was a fun and special time for all of us. Heather is due on May 14 and its a boy!!!!!!

Click here for slideshow.

Tips for hosting a baby shower, (I know there are many I can give...This wasn't my first time hosting, but it was the first time at our home. I'm no pro when it comes to event planning so this is what I learned the best!):

1) Have a fun theme. This doesn't always mean a baby theme. I was so excited when Heather wanted to incorporate the color green (my fave!) because she didn't want to get too tired of blue. And there was green everywhere... with a hint of blue :)

2) Get help. I couldn't have done this without Maria (my other lovely sister in law), Kelli (close friend of Heather), Karen (married to Garrett's cousin, Aaron), and of course my amazing husband, Garrett for taking photos. Another option is to hire the pros :)

3) Keep it simple. Whether its the decor, planning, food, communication with hosts and guests, etc.

4) Have fun, take fun photos, and pamper the guest of honor!!!

I did realize that I absolutely love LOVE hosting and planning for special events like these especially for family and friends so for the sake of journaling online and for this blog, you will see many future parties on here!