Enterprise Hotel in Milan, Italy

Joy's Perspective: Okay, so we barely touched on Milan (sadly, we were only there for a day) with our last Europe blog post and I just couldn't let it go without going into detail where we stayed...
The Enterprise Hotel is an amazing place with its chic decor and the experience and service was just incredible. I was inspired just for the design!

I got these photos from their awesome website and so when you are in Milan and need a place to stay, check this place out!

The beds, (we had the green kind):

The lounge Garrett and I hung out in:

The outdoor lounge:

The restaurant with AMAZING complimentary breakfast!

From their website:
"Enterprise Hotel is the boutique hotel that best represents Milan’s creative and innovative spirit, with its ideal combination of inventive design and traditional efficiency."


LaCour said...

Stunning design and decor! I love the red headboard on the bed. I want one! Hmm...Andrew might be a little irritated if I try to track it down to buy :)

Glad you guys had such a great trip!


Isaac & Grace Kim said...

Gee thanks,
it was bad enough when i told grace that you two were going to italy. Now that's she's seen pics from your trip she is even more excited. especially about lake como. Might be calling you for some suggestions.

love ya both

Davina said...

Ohmiheck! What absolutely gorgeous places to stay1 wow! Beautiful design and color and everything. gorgeous. I can see why you didn't want to miss posting about it!

Grace said...

thanks for letting me know where to stay next year! i love every detail of this hotel. thanks for posting the pics. sooooo excited!!