Fencing in NY

We just returned from a great time in Rochester, NY. Four days with friends, building a fence in their back yard. I know, building a fence doesn't sound fun, but it was.

On Friday we dug the holes and set 49 posts in concrete. On Saturday we packed up and headed out to Niagra Falls. We had a fun picnic and then went over to visit the falls.

On Sunday morning we resumed fence-building activities. Two of the crew showed up with their Extreme Makeover Home Edition shirts on. As soon as we saw that, we knew they meant business. They had actually volunteered as crew on the popular show when they were making over a house in their hometown.

We finished the fence a day early so the last day was just hanging out and having fun.

The highlight of the trip was on Monday, when we were all sitting around the living room setting up our fantasy football teams, the lawn service arrived, and SURPRISE....A FENCE!
  • Photographer's GTG at the Cowley's

    Yesterday we were blessed to get together with several of our photographer friends and meet some new friends at the Cowley's house in Lima, NY, just outside of Rochester. We had a great BBQ and had lots of fun hanging out together. Neil mades some killer grilled portobella mushrooms! Then we had fun jumping on the trampoline, which I hadn't done in years. All too soon we had to leave and head back to our fencing project across town. We're already looking forward to the next time we see everyone.


    FIrst day of class

    Today was the first day of class. It has long been a dream of mine to teach on the college/university level. With 41 students, the semester promises to be a fun and insightful experience. I can't wait to see what I learn!


    Visiting South Carolina

    It's always fun visiting Grandparents. Graycen enjoyed visiting her Lola in South Carolina. While there she had lots of fun in their new pool. Actually, it was quite a traumatic experience at first.

    Then she got used to it and everything was better.

    Then we headed north a couple hours to spend the weekend with my brother, Brandon and his wife Maria, at Myrtle Beach. We used to go there every year on golf vacations when we were growing up, so it was lots of fun to return. Brandon and I spent some quality time on the golf course, while the ladies visited the pool and went shopping. It was a short vacation, but a relief nonetheless.


    Katherine and Christian's e-session

    We had so much fun working with Katherine and Christian for their e-session a couple days ago. Although half of the session was rained out, we were able to get some great images at Modern Grace, a little boutique on Edgewater Dr. in College Park.

    We're looking forward to finishing up their e-session when we get back into town, and of course, their wedding is going to be great in March at the Ritz.


    Image of the Week: Image #14

    This week's images comes from Ashley and Jimmy's wedding...or more specifically their reception.

    As I mentioned in the previous post about their wedding, Ashley and Jimmy had the coolest dance floor that I've ever seen. There were different colored lights built into the floor and when you stepped on it the colors changed. It really made for some cool effects.

    We spent a lot of time getting the typical dancing shots, and then it was time to experiment. I specifically remember shooting this image. I was using a 17-55 lens at 2.8 and right as the shutter fired I zoomed the lens. You can get a somewhat similar effect using the rear curtain sync, but this was done totally by hand. And I liked the effect so much that I think I may have given myself carpal tunnel syndrome by the evening's end.

    Ashley and Jimmy

    This past weekend we had the opportunity to photograph Ashley and Jimmy's wedding. It was such a fun day. We started at Ashley's house with the getting ready shots, then we moved to the church. The wedding was a beautiful ceremony with lots of emotion. After the ceremony we stopped by Downtown Disney for some fun shots before the reception.

    The reception was held at the Wyndham Palace and it was sooooo much fun. They had the coolest dance floor that was lit from underneath. Someone said that there are only four floors like that in the world! Anyhow, it made for some killer dancing shots.

    Congratulations Ashley and Jimmy. May God continue to bless you as you begin your new life together.


    SNAKES...not on a plane

    I usually try to go to breakfast once a week with our good friend and web designer Paul. He lives about two miles from us so we usually jog to a central meeting point and then run through College Park, past Dunkin Dougnuts and we stop at Einstein Bros Bagels. Every time we order the same thing, toasted powerbagels with peanut butter and blueberry muffins. It's great.

    So yesterday, after a great breakfast we were walking back to the house and he spotted this sign. "SNAKE LOST. Tame Pink/Brown Boa. If found, please call 407-489-6977."

    I couldn't believe it! Everyone and their brother is getting calls from Samuel L. Jackson telling them to go see his new movie, Snakes on a Plane, and now this! I'm glad it's "tame", but if found, please call. Thanks.

    Becky and Ryan's e-session

    We had so much fun a couple days ago shooting Becky and Ryan's e-session. Becky used to work with Joy at a NICU nurse at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Women and Children, and they've remained great friends. It's so much fun having the opportunity to photograph friends.

    We're really looking forward to Becky and Ryan's wedding next April in Key West. I just talked with a photographer from Key West last week and she said April is one of the best times to visit. It's going to be a beautiful wedding! Can't wait.


    GN Photography images featured on Daily Buzz

    Yesterday we were excited to have a couple of our images featured on The Daily Buzz. Lisa Konecny from e-events was taping a segment on winter wedding trends and she asked us to bring along a couple of our images, one from a wedding and one from an e-session. Of course we were excited to oblige. And what kind of photographer would I be if I didn't bring my camera along!

    The incomparable Dale Dees putting the finishing touches on model bride Brittany, from Solutions Bridal...

    Lisa and Kia getting ready to roll...

    Our poster images prominently displayed on the set...

    Our friends Brian and Richard from Flourish Productions created a beautiful winter table setting to set the mood...

    Last but certainly not least, our new friend Jeffrey Stoner was on hand to get some footage for a piece he's working on. Jeffrey is a phenominal videographer and it was a pleasure spending time and hanging out with him.


    Bridal Fashion at Casa Feliz

    We were excited today to do a bridal shoot at Casa Feliz and complete filming for our forthcoming photography DVD, elevate. We had so much help that it really made the project a lot easier than it would've been otherwise. Lisa Konecny, of E-events assisted with logistics, our friends at Solutions Bridal supplied the dresses, U.S. Hair Olympian Dale Dees did hair, Jillian Carro did make-up, our associate Brian helped with lighting, and of course we had three great models to display the gowns.

    A special thanks to Betsy and Kellie of Casa Feliz for letting us use their beautiful facility.

    Image of the Week: Image 13

    For this week's image of the week I couldn't help but post this one based simply upon it's humor. When we arrived at the Bride's house this weekend, several hours before the wedding, her father told us that we could find her dress downstairs. We followed him to the basement and this is what we found...five bucks carefully watching over the dress. Obviously, their family is into hunting, but what was even more surprising is that one of the bucks belonged to the bride!

    Jordan and Jeremy

    It was such a pleasure to photograph Jordan and Jeremy's wedding this past weekend. They were married in a beautiful sunset ceremony at Grandview at the top of Lookout Mountain. We had been looking forward to their wedding for quite a while, especially since Jordan's brother, Justin was married to Karey a few weeks ago in Pennsylvania. So it was really nice to spend time with their family again.

    The ceremony was performed by Leclaire "Litch" Litchfield, who was their friend and highschool chaplain when they attended Collegedale Academy. And during the reception, guests enjoyed the sounds of the Blind Venetians, led by Richard Hickam.

    It was a beautiful wedding and we were honored to be a part of it. May God continue to bless you both as you begin this exciting chapter of life.


    Little model

    We had a light week last week so we took Graycen on a fashion shoot downtown. There's not really much to say that isn't obvious about these shots. It was about 400 degrees outside, but she did great and we had a blast. And it was fun to have her mommy standing in for one of the shots, too.


    Awesome Photographs

    We're excited to announce that one of Joy's images is the featured image for today, August 4, on the Awesome Photographs website.

    The image was taken at Amanda and Rob's wedding in Colorado a couple weeks ago. You can read the comments by clicking on the image above, or just save your eyes the strain and go to the awesome photographs site.