The Dixon family

Last December we photographed a wedding for our friends Denise and Gary in Avon Park, Florida. During the getting ready period a couple hours before the wedding we spotted two of the cutest little kids we'd ever seen. And wouldn't you know they were related to Denise.

Since then we've talked with their parents about shooting together, and finally yesterday we had the opportunity. We started out at the Amtrak station downtown, then we found an abandon loading dock and got some really fun urban shots. By then we were all overdue for a much-needed air conditioning break, so we drove to Winter Park and finished up at Rollins College.

The Dixons will be moving to Chattanooga within the next few weeks. We wish you guys all the blessings you deserve as you relocate your business and plan for your new home. We look forward to connecting again when we're in Tennessee.

Liz and Ivan's e-session

I've had the opportunity to get to know Ivan through the Florida Hospital Marketing department. His fiancee Liz also works at Florida Hosptial. They have so much fun together and it really showed during their engagement session. They're getting married a the end of the summer in Liz's hometown in Ohio.

Thanks, guys, for giving us the opportunity to photograph your e-session. I know God will continue to bless you as you plan for your wedding and your exciting marriage to follow.

Ashley and JA's wedding

Our second wedding this weekend was Ashley and JA. They were married at Casa Feliz in Winter Park, one of my favorite locations in Orlando. I love the architecture and the history of the building. It really is amazing.

Speaking of amazing, their wedding was so much fun. Ashley was beautiful in her gown and JA was just as funny as ever. The ceremony was slightly warm...okay, it was HOT...but it was still really nice. And reception party was a blast, and even included a special appearance from The Village People!

Congratulations guys! We wish you God's richest blessings on your journey.


Angie and Bob

On Friday we had the opportunity to shoot Angie and Bob's wedding. Angie and Bob are nurses from Pennsylvania. Along with their families, they traveled to Orlando to get married at the Universal Hard Rock Hotel. Unlike most of our wedding clients, we hadn't had the opportunity to meet Angie and Bob before yesterday. But we had so much fun working together. It was a beautiful intimate outdoor (90+ degrees!) wedding. And the reception dinner was really nice too. Inbetween the wedding and reception was had lots of fun walking throughout the resort taking pictures. Angie and Bob are honeymooning at Disney for the next week.

We wish you all the best in your new life together. May God continue to bless you.

Las Vegas, Baby!

We just returned from a great week at WPPI and DWF in Las Vegas. This was our first trip to Vegas and what a great time we had. It was exciting to walk the floor of the WPPI trade show and check out so many of the new products that are revolutionizing our industry.

Across the street at the Westin, DWF was taking place. With a phenomenal line-up of speakers, it was difficult to decide which sessions to attend and which sessions to miss.

Our evenings were packed full of activity too. Sunday evening was the OSP party, and we all surprised our friend David Jay with some rockin’ “OSP…it’s an addiction” t-shirts.

Monday evening was the Pictage party, and it was great to spend time with so many of our fellow Pictage users—many of the leaders in the industry. Then we had dinner at the Venetian with a group of friends. Tuesday night was more laid back and we had an awesome time celebrating our friend, Regis’s birthday at a restaurant at Caesar’s Palace. We later found out that it wasn't really his birthday at all! We have TWO slideshows for you to enjoy!

  • Click HERE for OSP Vegas Slideshow!

  • Click HERE for DWF Vegas Slideshow

  • On Wednesday night we had dinner with our friend Scott Watt from Orlando and a few of his friends from Ohio and Boston. Then we headed to the Hotel at Mandalay Bay for the [ B ] Party with [ B ]ecker.

    It was a great week and we’re excited to implement many of the new ideas that were shared. To those who attended, it was a pleasure spending time with you and we look forward to DWF/WPPI 2007!


    Has it really been 10 years?

    One year ago a small group of our classmates and our families got together in Captiva Island, Florida, for a long weekend. Though we had all seen each other individually on various occasions, it was the first time several of us had all been together since college. The weekend was a blast.
  • Click HERE FOR Captiva 2005 SLIDESHOW

  • On Sunday morning while we were in Captiva, Brian, Nolan, Jonathan and I chartered a boat and went fishing. While we were all competing to see who could catch the largest fish, our guide asked us how we all knew each other, figuring we must have been colleagues from work. One of us quickly pointed out that we were high-school classmates and we were there on vacation.

    Our guide was shocked. He shook his head and said, “I don’t think I know where a single one of my high-school classmates are. And even if I did, I sure wouldn’t want to go on vacation with them!”

    This weekend we had the opportunity to come together again as we celebrated our 10 year high-school reunion. While some came from just up the road, others traveled great distances—Oregon, California, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and a host of other places.

    As Joy and I sit on a plane flying somewhere over Arizona reflecting on the events of today, I’m trying to decide what was more impressive, David’s sermon at church or the fact that Brian still knows where his class sweater is. Or maybe it’s that at only three years old, we know exactly what Nolan’s little boy is going to look like when he’s 28 years old. Truly that acorn didn’t fall far from the tree.

    It was great to see old friends and classmates, and it was exciting to see how our class has expanded with the addition of husbands, wives, children, and others who are special to us.

    How fun it was for us to catch up and hear about how our friends are chasing their dreams and pursuing the plans that God has designed for their lives. Ten years ago we all had lockers and textbooks and homework and tests. Today we have families and careers and mortgages and life.

    Our methods of service are as unique as our varied personalities—business, healthcare, education, music, technology, sales, law, the ministry, mechanics, full-time parents. Some of us manage our own businesses and others work for large corporations.

    As Joy and I drove to Nashville to catch this flight we talked about the significance of surrounding ourselves with good friends, and what a difference they’ve made in our lives. Indeed we’ve been blessed by knowing each one of you, and this weekend was a reminder of that. Though the roads have taken us in different directions, it’s exciting when on occasion our paths cross, and we’re allowed the opportunity to pause and reflect on where we’ve been and look forward to where we’re going.

    Next year we’ll head to Mt. Pisgah Academy for Joy’s 10-year reunion, and we can’t wait.

  • Click HERE FOR class0f2006 SLIDESHOW
  • 4/07/2006

    Guest Professor!

    Today I had the honor of being the guest professor for one of the photography classes at Southern Adventist University. We had just returned from lunch and were dropping a friend off at Brock Hall. A few of the professors came out to say hello and visit with Graycen, and one of them asked if I could spare about an hour to come in and speak to the photography class. So of course we agreed.

    It was so much fun. When I worked at Southern a few years ago I had the opportunity to guest speak in the Writing for the Media class and also the Magazine and Feature Writing class, but addressing a class of 50-60 photographers was really exciting, and it brought back all kinds of memories because I also took photography in that very classroom.

    We spent about 45 mintues talking about various images, looking at ShowIt slideshows from weddings, going through our website and blog, and talking about what an exciting time it is to be in wedding photography. The students had several questions about everything from pricing to what types of questions brides ask, the importance of engagement shoots, and how to deal with difficult family situations at weddings.

    Before the class started students had posted their assignment prints on the back wall of the classroom. Following the presentation Professor Ruf passed out three dots to each student so they could vote for their favorite prints. He also gave me three dots to vote. That part was really fun for me because I remember how carefully I used to vote as a student, and I also remember how scared I was sometimes that when I posted my picture it wouldn't get any votes.

    Anyhow, a special thanks to Professor Ruf and Dr. Henning for asking me to help out, and to Mrs. Herod for babysitting Graycen while Joy and I were in class. :-)

    Family e-session

    This afternoon we had the unique opportunity to do two engagement sessions at the same time. Justin and Karey are getting married in June in Pennsylvania. Justin's sister Jordan, is marrying Jeremy in Chattanooga in August. So since they're all going to be family in a few months, we figured it would be fun to shoot together.

    We met in downtown Chattanooga and shot mostly around Coolidge Park. It was so much fun. Even Karey's mom, who was visiting from Pennsylvania, came along. About half-way through the shoot we stopped at the North Shore favorite, Clumpie's Ice Cream. Seriously, of all the reasons we're excited about coming back to Chattanooga, Clumpie's might just be at the top of the list!

    Here are a couple of our favorite shots from the shoot. We're really looking forward to your weddings and we know they're both going to really be special.

    Little Nerds

    On Wednesday afternoon we hung out at the Holritz's house in Chattanooga. Addison and Austen Horlitz and Graycen are proud to be wearing their OSP t-shirts. And although he wasn't present for the shoot, we're confident that no one is more proud than their uncle DJ.

    Amanda and Rob's e-session

    Amanda and Rob sure were troopers. We met in downtown Chattanooga at 7 am. I didn't realize that with the recent time-change it wouldn't really be light until 7:30. So we waited. I also didn't realize that it would be only 40 degrees. But fortunately they're both from Colorado so cold whether didn't seem to be as big of a deal for them as it is for me. :-)

    We had a great time shooting together. Amanda took my wardrobe advice very seriously and brought almost every piece of clothing she owned. Rob did well too, and we got some great shots. They even did some shots on their long-boards. BTW, I tried to ride one and I think I'll just stick to photography...LOL.

    It was great working with you guys and we're really looking forward to your wedding in July just outside of Aspen, Colorado.

    Wes and Shelly

    We had a great time photographing the wedding of Wes and Shelly on Sunday. It was raining off and on for most of the morning, and even into the afternoon. But fortunately, the rain subsided and we were able to head to downtown Cleveland for some fun shots of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. We were also excited to get to shoot with our good friend Nathan Holritz, from Chattanooga.

    We had so much fun. Since it was a Sunday there wasn't much traffic, but when cars were trying to pass, Wes's cousin Tyson stood out in the street with his long arms out and directed traffic. It was great! Wes and I have been friends for years since first and second grade. Unfortunately I hadn't had the opportunity to meet Shelly until the day of the wedding, but she's wonderful. What a sweet and fun couple they are. We wish you all the best in your new life together. May God continue to bless you.