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Oscar Winner 2008 ~ "Falling Slowly" from Once

Watching the Academy Awards is always so inspiring. People living their dreams in one very magical and special night. We were so excited when the song, "Falling Slowly" from the movie, Once received an Oscar last night. BEAUTIFUL song, it is a must listen and go out and rent the movie :)

The magical, inspiring moment:

The song:

Graycen has already learned the tune...maybe we'll video it sometime :)


:e: and g in NYC

I was in NYC on Wednesday and Thursday for a fantastic photo session and I was fortunate enough to squeeze in some time to hang out with fellow photographer and renaissance man Eric Laurits.

Joy and I first met Eric last June when he showed up for our three-day workshop in Orlando. It didn't take us long (about three-and-a-half minutes) to notice his passion for life and never-ending quest for true peace and joy. Eric has his undergraduate degree in music, his graduate degree in acting, he's a certified EMT, and a pretty amazing photographer too. Like I said, a true renaissance man. By the end of the workshop he had ME totally inspired and left me wondering why he had come in the first place. Whatever his reason, I'm so glad he did because it would have been our loss.

After my session on Wednesday, Eric and I hooked up for dinner and then spent the evening looking at images and talking shop. That's what photographers do and it's actually not nearly as lame as it sounds. On Thursday I followed Eric to his headshot shoot with one of his fellow actors. It was great to see him work and it was interesting to experience a different genre of photography that I'm not so accustomed to.

During a break, we grabbed some foolish hat pictures of each-other.

Oh, and I also learned a little juicy fact that ought to impress at least the fairer half of our blog readers.... last year, just as he was completing his graduate studies in Colorado, Mr. Laurits was named Denver's Sexiest Single! Why am I not surprised?!?!?! LOL.

Thanks, Eric, for the time and inspiration. Keep seeking the joy.


Featured on Don't Box Us In!

We're excited to share that Garrett is the current featured photographer on Don't Box Us In! A new site for photographers with this concept and philosophy: A place for the different, the unique, the tasteful and the extraordinary in wedding photography.

He answered fun questions such as:

How do you keep yourself motivated and your photography fresh?
What was it that first drew you to take up photography?
What's the best part about being a wedding photographer?
What advice do you have for other photographers?

Please check out the Don't Box Us In site and send them some love.

Thanks Mark and Paige, we love the site!

Also, we added more fun photos in our Major Props blog post.


The Achatas...adding one more

David and I have been friends since highschool in Tennessee. We were excited several years back when different paths led us and our wives to Orlando, Florida. Over the past few years they've had a beautiful daughter Ana, and now a second child, a boy, is in the forecast and expected to arrive within the next few weeks.

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph them last week. We wanted to photograph them in an orange grove, and after miles of driving all over the place looking for the perfect spot, we finally found it. And better yet, the sun was ideal and certainly provided us with the look we were going for.

Congratulations on your upcoming addition. We wish God's richest blessings on your family throughout this exciting time. Thanks so much, guys, for sharing life with us.


Congratulations Melissa Baker!

We really do have the coolest clients! Three years ago in Florida, Becky Baker called me from Ohio and asked if I could photograph her daughter, who at the time was 17 and was getting into modeling. The goal at that time was to get more bridal jobs. So they made their trip to Florida and got stuck in Miami with some pretty amazing photographers down there. Unfortunately they ran out of time and never made it to Orlando. But for Melissa, that ended up being her big break.

Over the past three years we've stayed in touch, keeping each other updated on family, travel, work, etc. And throughout that time she's been in campaigns for Abercrombie, Sisley, Luomo Vogue, Express, and countless others. I think I even recall her saying that she has something upcoming with Ralph Lauren. Pretty cool, huh?

Well, last October while I was in NYC for PhotoPlus, I finally had the chance to meet up with Melissa and Becky to do the bridal images that she was initially hoping to add to her book. What I didn't realize, was that she had just returned from a shoot in the Caribbean for a big-time project. I don't profess to be a big reader of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, but this week the annual publication hit newsstands worldwide and Melissa is one of the featured models. As her mother explained, this is unquestionably one of the top jobs a model can be selected for.

Congratulations, Melissa. Your drive and ambition are outstanding and your commitment to your family and values keeps you grounded. We wish you much continued success!


Graycen singing Alicia Keys, "No One"

For Valentines Day, we thought we'd post two short and fun videos of Graycen singing her favorite song by Alicia Keys, "No One". She has been singing the song for several months now and we thought it needed to be documented...with hiccups :)

Take One:

Take Two:

Happy Love Day everyone!

Photo by Brandy J


Brittany and Sam...it's all about the details

We'd better check with the blogging authorities to see if there's a limit to how many images we can post from one wedding. With this one it will certainly be tough to limit!

We were so excited to have the opportunity to work with Brittany and Sam at their wedding this past weekend at the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes. We first met Brittany a couple years ago at Solutions Bridal, where she works as their marketing gal. I met Sam shortly thereafter at a vendor party and they are such a fantastic couple. We met in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, last October for their engagement session and had a great time together. After months of planning and waiting, the big day finally arrived.

The crew included the fine folks from Greenery Productions, Mark and the gang from Pro One Video, tasty treats from our favorite, Bake Me A Cake, and the uber talented Lisa and Terri from E-events. They always amaze. Of course John and his staff at The Ritz always lend their special touches that give any event a little extra flair. Simone was on hand for make-up and countless others were involved too.

Brittany was dazzling in her Ramona Keveza

So much so that her brother-in-law had to poke his head out and see what all the fuss was about!

Sam and his men looked pretty stinkin' sharp too!

Brittany and her step father

The bride and her father

It was an absolutely prefect day for an outdoor event. You gotta love Florida in February!

As they exited the ceremony, emotions let go.

A beautiful sunset cast a fantastic warm glow on the reception lawn

A few portraits...

The first dance

Tasty treats

The wedding cakes

The night wore on and the evening remained just as beautiful.

And then things moved inside to the Tuscany Room for the after-party to conclude the night.


For the next few days they'll be enjoying their time in Rome with some pretty exciting day trips planned throughout the fabulous country of Italy.

Congratulations, Brittany and Sam. Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your amazing day. We wish you all the best as you start this exciting new chapter of your life.

Also, a note to brides: Check out Brittany's chic and insightful blog: Tickled Pink! (Fresh and fun ideas for wedding planning).


Major Props: Edited with more photos!

We'd like to give major props to Cher Salo and her crew at the ProPhotogs (ProPs) convention in Orlando. The conference started on Wednesday evening and will conclude this evening with the awards banquet. We were thrilled to spend a couple days with the group, speaking Friday afternoon about wedding photography.

It was a fantastic time for everyone, and I can honestly say that I don't think we've ever met a more enthusiastic and information-hungry group of photographers. There were about 100 in attendance, and they had the enthusiasm of an army. It was great!

Local photographer and resident golf pro John Nielsen was the official photographer/AV guy/go-fer for the convention and he was everywhere. Thanks John, for grabbing a few pics of us and letting us share them on our blog.

Thanks also to our fantastic subjects, Megan and Carlos, our beautiful clients who actually just got married back in December. I'm pleased to confirm that they're still VERY happy newlyweds! ;-)

Finally, thanks to everyone for your love, gratitude and support. Wherever you go, always remember your first great image, the one that gave you the confidence to say, "I can be a professional photographer."