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Merry Christmas from The Nudds

Wow, what a year it has been!! We want to wish you a Merry Christmas a Happy New Year!!!!!! We'll be going to TN for the holidays...we wish you safe travels and a marvelous time with family and friends!

Also, for those who are interested, we have our family Blog called The Sand Trap...Link is on the right!

We love you all!

Photographs by Paul Martin


Lilly and David

Yesterday we had the honor of shooting the wedding of Lilly and David. It was a beautiful wedding and we had so much fun. David and I have known eachother since college, and recently we've been fortunate enough to get to know Lilly. They're such a sweet couple. The wedding was held at Heathrow Country Club in Lake Mary. It was planned outdoors overlooking a lake, but the steady downfall of rain brought the ceremony indoors. The bride and groom's go-with-the-flow attitude was amazing, and what a blessing it is to realize that no matter what happens, after the wedding they'll be married just the same and ready to begin the greatest ride of their life.

Speaking of rides, they drove away from the reception in a Jaguar! After the wedding was over we met downtown for a few shots of the bride and groom alone...with the car.

Joy and I are so excited for the two of you and we wish you all the blessings you deserve. (Your slideshow will be posted after you return from Whistler, BC...have fun!)


Tyler's first Christmas

On Monday we went over to our friends' home, Greg and Trish Edris to do their Christmas photographs. Greg and I are golfing buddies, but we haven't found much time for that lately. Anyhow, their son, Tyler is about three months old. It wasn't that long ago when Graycen was that age and I remember it well. So I've had lots of practice working with babies over the past few months and I knew what I was in for. :-) But the little guy did so well...I was amazed. He was on his best behavior and even smiled on cue. We're so happy for them and their recent addition to their family. Children sure are a blessing. And good friends are too.


Favorite people

It's not often that we post our personal stuff on this blog...that's typically reserved for our family blog. But this weekend when we were headed outside I grabbed a few quick shots of Joy and Graycen. It's hard to believe that this precious little girl is already seven months old. WOW!

As far as she's concerned, two teeth are pushing through, which she isn't very happy about. Her favorite activity is to watch Sulley. She'll just stare and point. And then if he gets excited and starts barking at something outside, she'll laugh and giggle. It's really fun. What a blessing she is, and every day I stop and realize how lucky I am to have both of these girls in my life.


Family fun

This weekend we went to Winter Park with our friends Brian, Gail, and Owen to do some family photographs. Brian is a talented videographer that I've blessed to know and work with for a couple years now. Gail is a full-time mom, which is quite a task indeed. She and Brian are equally talented in their respective areas. Owen is two years old and he's such a fun little guy...so much energy! We spent about an hour along Park Ave and then we headed to their home to do some shots by the Christmas tree. We all had a great time.