LaCour builds foundations

We were priviledged to spend the evening with a bunch of great photographers in Atlanta. Hosted by LaCour at their mid-town studio, it was a wonderful evening of food, fun and foundation-building. We've been watching LaCour's work for the past year or so, and they are such an inspiration. Here we are with our friends Nathan and Amber Holritz, who are a dynamic photo couple from Chattanooga.

It was great to meet Andrew, Rachael, Mark and Erin, the entire LaCour team. They are even cooler in person than you would imagine. We look forward to seeing them again in a few weeks when we all gather in Chattanooga.

Below is a genuine Nathan Holritz image, captured of Joy and me gazing into each other's eyes as we thought about how tired we were. :-)


Larry and Amanda

I was flying back from Dallas to Orlando for a wedding two years ago when I met Larry. We sat next to each other on the flight and we had a nice conversation. He told me about his work at Campus Crusade, and I was very interested, especially since I had enjoyed working at a college campus so much after graduating. He also told me about his girlfriend Amanda. Several months ago he called and told me that he and Amanda were engaged to be married. How exciting! Unfortunately, we were already booked on their wedding day, but at least we had the opportunity to do an e-session.

Congratulations, guys on your new life together. May God continue to bless you as you continue your ministry to young people around the world.


Special times

We we so blessed to spend the past couple days with our good friend Bill and his wife Emily. "Uncle Bill" has been quite the father figure for Joy since they met 14 years ago. And when Joy and I were married six years ago, it was "Uncle Bill" who walked her down the asile.

Three years ago Bill and Emily were married and they took an extended honeymoon serving in the mission fields of the Marshall Islands. So it was such a pleasure to reconnect with them and to finally have the opportunity to meet Emily. They are such a sweet couple and they are filled with love.

Graycen from the studio

The other day we took a break from all our work at the studio to grab a few shots of Graycen. She's growing up.


Nu Visions + Neiman Marcus = Party

This evening, our friends Curt Littlecott and Stephanie Rounds, of Nu Visions in Photography, hosted their monthly soiree. We've missed it the last couple months because we've been on the road so much, so it was extra special to be able to stop by tonight. Also on hand were the folks from Neiman Marcus and several models, displaying some of this season's hottest fashions.

If you're a photographer and you haven't checked out their new studio yet, you must...you owe it to yourself. Trust me. I don't care where you live, even if you're on the opposite side of the world, it's so worth the visit. And not only is their studio amazing, they are two of the nicest people in the industry.

We had a great time, visiting with some friends and making new ones.

Above: Susie Weiss, from Wonderful Weddings and Brian and Richard from the amazing Flourish Floral Productions. We're all looking forward to working together on an extraordinary wedding next weekend at Isleworth.

Above: Master videographer Jeffrey Stoner, who's work is out of this world. And no, he doesn't have two heads. That head on the right next to his actually belongs to some model dude who was in the picture on the wall.

Above: Fellow photographers Sandra Johnson and her husband Chris, who suggested we create a Yervant image. LOL! Close, Chris, very close.

Thanks again to Curt and Stephanie. It's always a pleasure spending time with you guys and we couldn't be happier for all your success. Rock on!

Annette and Jared's Fab wedding at the Fabulous Fox

It was such an honor to photograph Annette and Jared's wedding at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta on Sept 3. Jared and I have been friends for several years, and we actually met on the golf course. We were so excited when he called and told us he and Annette were getting married. They are such a fun couple and they have two of the biggest hearts around.

Their wedding was beautiful...every detail perfect...from the beautiful wedding dress that Annette designed herself to the delicious Cuban food at their reception, catered by the wonderful Affairs to Remember. Everything about the day was perfect.

Congratulations guys on your new life together. We wish you God's richest blessings on your marriage.


Annette's bridals

Last week we had the pleasure of doing a bridal shoot with Annette at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, just a few days before her wedding. Annette did a tremendous job working the camera and Joy was brilliant with the lighting. It was truly a team effort, and the results were a lot of fun and exciting images.

Her dress was beautiful, and she designed it herself. When it was completed, and it hung in the store window, several brides asked the salesperson if they could purchase it. So Joy and I are keeping our fingers crossed, and hoping that a new career is in the making. :-)

Stay tuned for images from the wedding.


The GN Photography Studio

Today was monumental. This morning we stopped by the realtor's office and picked up the keys to our new studio. The studio is located in downtown Chattanooga on the North Shore, about a 1/2 mile from Coolidge Park. We're excited to get into the studio and switch things around in time to open within the next few weeks. The location was formerly the home of Plum Nelly, a really cool pottery store that has been in business in Chattanooga for more than 25 years. Plum Nelly has moved down the street, closer to the river.

Our Chattanooga studio will allow us to better serve our Tennessee/Georgia portrait and wedding clients, and we're excited about additional opportunities down the road. We will, of course, maintain our Orlando studio and continue to focus heavily on Florida, as we travel back and forth a couple times a month, splitting our time equally between the two locations.

Over the next few weeks we'll be decorating and getting things ready to open. Stay tuned for more details soon.