elevate 3: Denver, Colorado

Our new workshop website is now live! (liveBooks is so incredible!)

Garrett Nudd Workshops

Thanks to the encouragement, feedback, and support of previous workshop guests, both workshops were fantastic while learning together. We are excited to be conducting our third elevate this time in Denver, Colorado. Right now, we are offering an Early Bird special until February 15. Please let us know if you have any questions and we'd love to see you on April 22-23!

Watch for more workshop announcements :)


Heath Ledger Tribute

Its been a week since we found out Heath Ledger passed away. I felt compelled to blog and make a tribute for the sake of journaling in memory of him. He was one of my favorite actors. He really inspired me for being a master of his craft. And it hit me hard because we are the same age and he also has a two year old daughter.

April 4, 1979 - January 22, 2008

(Photo Courtesy Flickr)

Heath Ledger and his 2 year old daughter, Matilda Rose:

(Photo Courtesy of www.dotspotter.com)

An imprint of Matilda's feet in front of their house in Brooklyn that Heath Ledger made:

(Photo Courtesy of www.dotspotter.com)

We send prayer and thoughts to his family.

Life is fragile. Take a moment to tell family and friends that you love and care for them.


Speakers at ProPhotogs Convention in Orlando, FL

Last year, we were asked by Cher Salo, who is founder and creator of awesome forum community, ProPhotogs if we would like to speak for their annual convention in Orlando. We were flattered with the offer to present along with a great line up of speakers and now its just around the corner happening on February 6-10!

For more info, for speakers, lodging, registration, go to ProPhotogs website and click on Orlando 2008.

We are speaking on Friday, February 8 from 1-6 pm.

Hope to see you there!



If theres a reason to be cold, it should at least snow!

We were so excited when it snowed last week...didn't really last though :(


The Big Picture...and other big news

Its January and what better time to reflect and take time to...fill up our wall space in our home! We have been going nonstop with our business and we've hardly any time for personal projects...so this month we vowed to do SOMETHING with our blank walls. What better than HUGE float mounts! (39.5x60.5 to be exact).

We will post them when they are actually mounted, but we just wanted you to see the crazy amount of wall space we have to fill! This is a photo taken by Garrett of Milan with the Duomo in the background. On the left, is part of the photo of Paris at night also taken by Garrett:

This is a photo of a church on Lake Como taken by Garrett from a water taxi:

Note to clients: If you'd like something similar to this and have certain photos we have taken in mind, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Other news:

Again, amidst the crazy busyness of 2007, elevate 3 was scheduled end of January and was postponed. Well, remembering an offer from an awesome photographer friend last year to host it at her studio, we thought it would be amazing to take elevate 3 to DENVER, CO! Dates will be in April 22-23. Our new workshop website is in the works right now, but if you are interested, shoot us an email at info@garrettnudd.com with subject elevate 3. More info coming very soon!

Also, if you have a photography studio anywhere in the world and would like to host our workshop, please let us know as well :)


Shyla visits Chattanooga :)

Fabulous photographer and friend Shyla came to Chattanooga and we were able to have a quick visit with her and have a fun dinner with local photographer friends and their kids as well.

Group photo at Tony's:
Melody Hood, Shyla,Amber and Nathan Holritz, Heather and Rich Smith and us :)

The women :)

Thanks to Nathan and Amber for these photos there's more on their blogsite.

It was really good to see everyone and we're blessed to know all of you :)


Brilyn Rose

We couldn't be more excited for our cousin and his wife and the addition of their second child, Brilyn Rose. She is absolutely beautiful!

On Wednesday afternoon we headed over to their house to make a few portraits. Brilyn was born on December 26, a beautiful Christmas present.

Big brother Cole hung around eating corn chips and eagerly waiting for the whole thing to be over.

Joy watched and waited for the yawn and caught it just right.

Thanks again guys for sharing life with us. We're thrilled for you and we look forward to watching little Brilyn grow. What a blessing!


Wedding Entrepreneurs features Wedding Distinctions

I started a group on Facebook called Wedding Entrepreneurs several months ago and it has now grown to over 300 members! The purpose of the group is geared towards wedding entrepreneurs who continually set the standards for the industry and a group for full time wedding professionals to come to for networking and building relationships.

Today I am featuring a fabulous company who is a member of WE calledWedding Distinctions

It is owned by Malinda and Kelli from St. Louis, Missouri.
Their website caught my attention because of the name and logo,colors they chose for the site, and for their fantastic products. I also love their line, "Everything Wedding Boutique" and they actually offer more than just wedding products. I will be throwing a baby shower for my sister in law and already have my eye on some of the fun products they provide.

How cute are these favors?!!

(Photos courtesy of and credited to Wedding Distinctions website)

So if you are looking for something unique for your wedding, party, or a fab gift, go check them out!


Updated availability for 2010 and 2011

We're excited about all the possibilities and opportunities we've had over the past few years. Most exciting is the opportunity to meet and get to know some of the most fantastic people in the world and to become a part of their lives forever. We thank our amazing clients for letting us be a part of their weddings from Los Angeles, California all the way to the beautiful countries of Norway, Italy, France, Scotland and Switzerland...it has been and will continue to be an awesome journey for us.

Below are our booked locations for speaking engagements, seminars, and weddings. We are accepting a limited number of assignments for 2010 and 2011. Not included below are engagement and portrait session dates, although we travel for many of them and are part of the schedule below. Please contact us if we are coming to a city near you and if you are interested!

Being ninjas at a St. Pete, FL wedding.


Collegedale, TN (CC Wedding)
Nashville, TN (Imaging USA Platform Speaker)
Palm Beach Gardens, FL (PGA National Resort Wedding)
Covington, KY (KYPPA State Convention Paltform Speaker)
Windermere, FL (Isleworth Country Club Wedding)

Las Vegas, NV (WPPI Convention Master Class Speaker)
Clearwater Beach, FL (Sandpearl Resort Wedding)

Negril, Jamaica (Moon Dance Cliffs Wedding)
Orlando, FL (The Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes Wedding)
Captiva Island, FL (Tween Waters Inn Wedding)

Winter Park, FL (WP Racquet Club Wedding)
Chattanooga, TN (Patten/Doubletree Wedding)
Orlando, FL (JW Marriott, Grande Lakes Wedding)

Charlotte, NC (Embassy Suites Wedding)

Orlando, FL (The Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes Wedding)

Silver Springs, MD (Location TBD Wedding)

Savannah, GA (AVIA Hotel, Savannah Wedding)

St. Augustine, FL (The White Room Wedding)
Santa Monica, CA(Casa del Mar Wedding)
Savannah, GA (The Westin Savannah Wedding)
Orlando, FL (Omni Champions Gate Wedding)
Chattanooga, TN (TN Riverplace Wedding)


Clearwater, FL (Hyatt Wedding)

Charleston, SC (Daniel Island CC Wedding)

Naples, FL (Ritz Carlton Wedding)

Jacksonville, FL (Epping Forest Yacht Club Wedding)

Amelia Island, FL (Ritz Carlton Wedding)

Lake Lure, NC (Lake Lure Resort Wedding)


Introducting...Cobblestone Rue



#####OLD POST#####
Don't be alarmed, there is an explanation for the branding hiccup that follows and it will iron itself out soon enough.

Joy and I are excited to finally introduce Cobblestone Rue, a couture portrait studio. As part of the long-term vision for our studio, the launch of www.cobblestonerue.com represents a significant step toward becoming one of the premier couture portrait studios in the country.

For multiple reasons we determined it was best to launch a new brand for our portrait division and let garrett nudd photography stand alone, specializing in high-end, eclectic, stylish, fashionable weddings.

Many local folks have been inquiring about our new venture, and recent promotions have unleashed an even greater response than we anticipated. While the new site has been live for a few weeks now (it was actually first released on Christmas eve), we are currently in the process of relocating our studio and completely re-doing our product line to better serve our clients. It’s a huge task, but we’re thrilled about the possibilities in store for everyone.

So what exactly is Cobblestone Rue?
Go with us, if you will, to a small, quaint street in Paris. A mother and daughter walk hand in hand as they casually browse the latest fashions of their favorite Parisian designers. Hundreds of miles away in Aberdeen, a gray-haired watch maker lowers his glasses and peers out the window of his shoppe into the evening mist. On the street below dozens of children run and romp, laughing and screaming without a care in the world. In Milan, Moscow, Madrid and Medford, across oceans and over mountains, take a look and you’ll see it—people living life on the cobblestone rue.

“There is a way of living that has a certain grace and beauty. It is not a constant race for what is next, rather, an appreciation of that which has come before. There is a depth and quality of experience that is lived and felt, a recognition of what is truly meaningful…. This is the quality of life that I believe in.”
Ralph Lauren, designer, artist, fashion icon

Cobblestone Rue celebrates the style and life and individuality that each one of us holds dear. More simply, it’s life-inspired style.

Please, stay tuned for more.

Annabelle, Kristina and Nelson

We've known these guys for years and years and what a pleasure it was to finally have the opportunity to work together. Nelson was classmates with my youngest brother and it's been fun watching the family grow up. Nelson now lives in Atlanta, where he works as a music engineer at a recording studio. Kristina is a senior at GPS and Annabelle attends Collegedale Academy.

What a fantastic family! Thanks so much, guys, for sharing life with us.

Jill and Bex, Janelle and Martin

What a great time we had photographing Jill and Bex, Janelle and Martin. They are such an amazing family and I absolutely love their style! Thanks so much, guys, for sharing life with us.


What exactly is an Oreo Eating Contest?

We were in Tampa last week for the annual DWF and Imaging USA Conventions. On the final night of the convention, we joined a large group of friends for dinner at Maggianos. While we were walking into the restaurant Nashville photographer Sean McLellan and I simultaneously started talking about Oreos and how good they are. Somehow it turned into a challenge as to who could eat the most Oreos.

Appetizers were ordered. Then the entrees, then a few folks got dessert. As is the case with most family-style Italian restaurants, it was A LOT of food!

The suggestion came (from my seat) to cancel or at least postpone the Oreo Eating Contest. But across the table, Sean was raring and ready to go. Beside him, Jen Bebb joined the challenge, much to the dismay of her personal trainer, who knew nothing about the challenge, although her husband Steve didn't seem to mind at all. And then at the other table, big-man Joel Wiebner also eagerly took the bait.

So after the tabs were settled we headed across the parking lot to the nearby Walgreens where we emptied their supply of Oreos (see post below). We also searched for a prize for the Oreo champion.

Half of the group headed straight back to the Hyatt while the rest of us purchased the goods. We had assumed it was going to be a little group of us sitting around someone's room, but little did we know that they had cleared out a place in the lobby/bar area and there were about 40-50 people gathered around waiting for the opening ceremonies.

FORTUNATELY, for my sake, when the concept of Milk was introduced to the competition (how can you have Oreos without milk, some asked), that was my ticket out. Thank God for allergies!!! So I nominated (err...forced) Jake Morrow to take my place. That was a wise move on my part.

The contest began with four competitors. The goal was to consume the most Oreos within 30 minutes! And you could use the milk however you want...except you couldn't throw it at the other competitors or the spectators.

Going over the rules...

Let the games begin!

It was quite a race! Jake got distracted and ended up bowing out early. Jen did great and hung with the men for quite a while. Little Sean and not-so-little Joel were neck and neck as they sat across the table, downing one after the other.

At one point Joel stood up to loosen his belt, while Jake (lower right) casually licks the center out of his Oreo (light-weight!).

Jen's hand! This is the hand of one of the Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World! LOL!!!

With just under 10 minutes left, the cookies are stacked like poker chips...

"One more...are you kidding???"

Finally, when the time had ended, it was Joel who took the crown, eating one more cookie than Sean. We lost count but the honest estimate is 72 Oreos for Joel and 71 Oreos for Sean. WOW...72 Oreos...can you imagine?

I ate three after the contest had ended.

On the way home we had dinner in the airport and I was very tempted to order this oreo cake in honor of Joel and Sean and Jen and Jake. But alas, I didn't.

(Photos courtesy of our good friend Paul Johnson , who was sporting the rad new Nikon D3, which rocks!)


DWF and Imaging USA in Tampa

We had a wonderful time in Tampa at the two conventions we went to: Imaging USA and DWF on January 4-8. We are so inspired from all the speakers and photographers and it was so fun to hang out and catch up with friends. This was definitely one of the best convention times we've ever attended.

On Friday, we mentored four photography studios from all over and it was so much fun! We had such a great time and we loved meeting Erica of Tait Photography from Edmonton, Canada, Tracey of Tracey Buyce Photography from
Upstate New York, Eric and Alice of Serendipity Photography from
Houston, Texas, and Sam of PureLight from Nottingham, UK.
Along with a list of many photographers we admire who mentored, the mentoring sessions helped raise $20,000 for charity!!

Now with the photos, (we only brought our point and shoot and did not take many photos on purpose so we can focus on learning!)
This is our good friend, Andrew Niesen from Lacour speaking at his seminar class and its the only photo we were able to take from any class. The classes were ongoing from morning til early evening.

Monday night was the finale for DWF Convention, so after eating a HUGE meal with dessert from Maggiano's, (with a bunch of husband and wife photography teams) Sean McLellan and Garrett decided to have Oreos and it turned into a big Oreo Eating Contest with Joel Wiebner, Jen Bebb, Sean McLellan, and Jake Morrow...below are photos of buying the Oreos...after being in classes all day long, this is what happens :)

Joel Wiebner, Garrett, and Sean

Um, not sure what they're trying to be...

The Oreo Eating Contest ended up being a pretty big deal...fortunately for us, Garrett just officiated and cheered, he didn't participate. ;-) Mighty Joel ended up winning, but he only beat little Sean by one! It was a true David and Goliath contest.

Supporting Shootsac booth..

For anyone who hasn't heard Jessica Claire speak, you should! She is brilliant with all that she does and we learned a lot about buzz :)

And of course, GraphiStudio, talking to our awesome rep, Julie Bell, at the close of the tradeshow.

We are home now and catching up on rest and work, but are inspired to the max and can't wait what 2008 has in store for us :)