elevate for photographers .....DVD available

We're excited to announce our elevate for photographers DVD, which will be available next week. Click play above to view the trailer.
Thank you to these exceptionally talented photographers and friends, Me Ra, Mike, David, Stephen and Jennifer for giving us awesome quotes. Thank you to Amanda and Rob for letting us be a part of their CO wedding, it was indeed an honor.Thank you Loren and Ryan for the engagement session and for being such great sports! Thank you Renee, Summer, and Melanie for doing a fantastic job with the bridal fashion shoot. Thank you to Lisa, Dale, Jillian, Brittney, and Brian T. for helping out and for being a wonderful team. Solutions Bridal for lending us beautiful wedding gowns. The beautiful venues,Filoha Meadows, Redstone Inn, Isleworth, Casa Feliz. Thank you for Jennie for providing the wonderful pictures for the Mission Africa project. A picture really is "worth a thousand words" and more! All the amazing and beautiful people featured in the photos and who we have had the privilege of photographing and being who they are. Our family, friends, clients, and photographers who have supported us throughout this awesome project.

We have been receiving emails about when it's coming out and we're pleased to say that it's finally complete. Yeay! We have been working on this since spring and we've poured lots of effort and love into the project. It's exciting to see the final result. And a HUGE thanks to Brian Shepherd for making this possible! He's phenomenal at what he does.

The 1 hour DVD contains:
~ Garrett's Philosophy on photography sessions
~ Destination Wedding in Colorado (interaction with the bride and groom for 10 hours, condensed of course)
~ Urban Engagement session (interaction with couple at a variety of locations)
~ Bridal Fashion shoot at historic Orlando mansion
~ Bonus Features include: Wedding Slideshow, Mission Africa, (where a significant portion of proceeds will be donated) and the Trailer.

It will be available for a limited time, (two weeks and the price will increase) at $149. And it is complimentary for those attending the elevate seminar in January (four seats remain).
Payments can be made through PayPal with the email: garrett@garrettnuddphotography.com or contact us at info@garrettnudd.com for more information.

We hope you find this DVD both enjoyable and insightful.


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Mary and Chad's e-session

On Sunday we shot a beautiful outdoor wedding in Orlando and it was around 92 degrees. That's hot!

This morning we had an e-session in Tennessee and it was 31 degrees! That's cold. So cold that I had to use a cassette tape case to scrape the frost off the windshield! Yes, our car has been Florida-ized and we need to buy more frost scrapers.

Anyhow, Mary and Chad were wonderful! They braved the cold and did a phenominal job. We had so much fun, and we're looking forward to their wedding this weekend at Callaway Gardens in Georgia.

I'm not much for Halloween, but I just couldn't resist....

Ginny and Justin's e-session

While we were in Captiva, Ginny and Justin made time for a quick e-session. The surroundings gave us an endless number of possibilities for fun images. Here are just a few...

Stay tuned for shots from their beautiful sunset beach wedding!



Where in the world are the Nudds now? We are here in Captiva Island for Ginny and Justin's destination wedding and staying at Tween Waters Inn, which is AWESOME! http://www.tweenwaters.com :) Captiva, known for the top ten sunsets and romantic beaches in the world is located on the West coast of FL near Fort Myers and connected to Sanibel Island, known for the best shelling place in the world. Captiva is sentimental to us because we vacationed here with 9 of our close friends in April of 2005. I was still pregnant with Graycen and of course we had a blast. Here is the slideshow: http://www.garrettnudd.com/Slideshow/captiva. Although we have seen some of you just recently, we still miss the great times we had when we were all here! So this post is for Konika, Nolan, Esther, Brian, Annette, Paul, Mandy, Jonathan, and Nikki. Can't wait to carry on the annual tradition and to see where we vacation next!! Now, we're off to get some yummy dinner! Stay tuned for pictures of Ginny and Justin's special day :)


Baley and Ryan's e-session

Yesterday we had a great e-session with Baley and Ryan. Early in the day we were scared that the weather wouldn't cooperate, but about an hour before the session, the sun came out and everything was wonderful. They are so much fun to work with and we're really excited about their wedding in February at the Fairyland Club on Lookout Mountain.

Carmen and Scott

We had been looking forward to Carmen and Scott's wedding for sooooo long. They're so much fun and we knew the wedding was going to be a blast. And of course, it did not disappoint. There was plenty of emotion during the ceremony and then the reception, held at the Dr. Phillips House in downtown Orlando, was quite a party.

Thanks so much, Carmen and Scott, for letting us be a part of your special day. We wish you all God's richest blessings as you begin your new life together.


SAU's Southern Accent writes article about GNP

The university's weekly newspaper wrote an article for GNP last month. The interview was given by Kevin Attride and Garrett gives a brief history on how it all started. Enjoy :)



Wednesday night the wind blew and the rain fell and on Thursday morning things felt different. It was the final day of the seminar. How do you put into words the feeling when new life has been breathed into you? How do you put into words the excitement you feel to be on your way home to see your beautiful family?

The crisp autumn New England air makes you appreciate life. And the saturated reds, yellows and oranges in the canopy above you make your smile stretch just a little bit wider. It’s beautiful up here, but it sure isn’t home.

After class yesterday I stood by the pond with my camera and watched the colorful leaves blow to the ground, ushering in an obvious change of seasons. But today, however, they represent something more than that.

How sick is it that we spend all day long in a seminar and then night after night, we all sit side by side in the hallway of our lodge, 12 of us, laptops in hand, working, talking, laughing, inspiring, reminiscing and growing. Hours pass like minutes and sleep is reserved for the long flights home. I’ve never seen anything like it, but it happens every single time we get together.

Last night at dinner I was reflecting on the past three days in Vermont. We’ve been so blessed this year. We have a wonderful family, we found an awesome studio space that will allow us to expand, and the business is going better than we could have imagined. We’ve spent some amazing time this year with some outstanding photographers, everywhere from California, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Florida, Colorado, New York, and a host of other locations. Each person we’ve met has inspired us to push harder, reach further, and love stronger than we ever have before. And now we’re looking forward to another great GTG in a few weeks when 75 photographers descend upon Chattanooga.

Each time we have the opportunity to get together we are reminded of how blessed we are to be a part of such a caring and giving community of professionals. Everyone wants the other one to succeed and we are eager to provide the stepping-stones to help others reach their fullest potential.

And no one wants us to succeed more than Joe Buissink. I first met Joe last January in Miami. It was a large seminar with more than 200 photographers. I arrived a few minutes late and ended up sitting near the back of the room. Even still, through rows and rows of heads, he spoke directly to me. If you’re fortunate enough to spend time with him, you know what I mean.

He’s a phenomenal photographer, but he’s an even better person. And I remember how excited and inspired I was after our time in Miami. I felt he had given us direction for our business, and that our direction, like his, was determined by passion.

A couple months later we were shooting a wedding in St. Pete when we received the message that Joe had suffered a heart attack the night before. I remember at the first sign of a break, exiting to the hallway and sending up a prayer for him and his family. It was hard to concentrate that day.

Fast-forward to today: Joe is healthy. But after spending 3 solid days with him in a more intimate class setting, I’m convinced that his heart attack was due to the fact that he loves so much and uses his heart so intensely that there is nothing else to give.

Joe shoots from the heart more than any photographer I’ve ever met, and his passion is evident in everything he does. People are beautiful to Joe, as they should be. But he can see it like no one else. And that's what I love. Some photographers have to finesse lighting or massage post-processing to make a person beautiful, but all Joe has to do is take their picture.

Our good friend Rachel, from LaCour Photography in Atlanta, recently had the opportunity to shoot with Joe, and she described him best when she called him “a gentle soul.”

And last night before dinner I heard someone say, “I feel like I’ve been given a new lease on life.” That’s big.

Thanks Joe, and the 11 other outstanding photographers (TJ Cameron, Regis Chen, Alisha Nelson, Jim Cook, Lori Creech, Frank Dimeo, Jason Groupp, Kim Jarman-not pictured above, Melissa Schwartz, Scott Watt and Luke Walker). Keep focusing ahead and may God continue to bless each one of you.

Finally, thank you Joy and Graycen. I can’t wait to hold you.


What an inspiration

This week I'm blessed to have the opportunity to hang out in beautiful Stowe, Vermont with Joe Buissink and 11 other AMAZING photographers from around the country. The inspiration that is flowing around here is amazing. Joe has long been one of my photographic heroes, and so this week has been something I've been looking forward to for a while. Here are a few images from yesterday.


Hanging out with Sisters (in law)

While Garrett is hanging out with Joe B and 11 other photographers in Vermont this week...and that normally I would put this in our family blog, but we are keeping up with this blog better so here goes:
Yesterday, Graycen and I had lunch with my sister in laws, Maria and Heather. Its so much fun to catch up and I don't think all three of us have gotten together like this in awhile. Maria is married to Brandon, Garrett's middle brother, and they are expecting!! Yeay, Graycen is going to have a cousin and another playmate soon :) Heather is married to Tabor, Garrett's youngest brother and they have been away being in school at Michigan and now back to TN so now we are all living close together and we can do this more often. We are all in different milestones with our lives and so fun to see what we are all doing. Heather and Tabor are starting their careers and bulding a house, Maria and Brandon are starting a family, and we are opening a studio and taking our business to the next level. Its also so exciting to be near many family and an abundance of friends nearby. And Graycen can grow up with all of them!! God has really blessed.

Can't wait to go camping together soon :)

PS. Picture of Heather, Joy, Maria, and Graycen in the much loved Village Market, Collegedale. Taken by Heather's trusted camera with the cutest tripod you have ever seen :)
And a picture of Graycen in her frog towel by Aunt Heather.


Dragonfly Custom Designs

Yesterday I had the privilege to photograph custom invitations by Lindsey Luxa. She and her husband Thomas came over and spent a few hours working with me on their project. We've heard so much buzz about Lindsey from our fellow vendors, Flourish, Lisa from e-events, and Dale Dees.

I have to say, their work is amazing. If you're looking for invitations or announcements that are unbelievably unique, please check out www.dragonflycustomdesign.com.

Mindy and Scott

We had so much fun shooting Mindy and Scott's e-session on Friday. Scott has a bike and they were excited to include that in some of the images. Then we did some shots at Mindy's father's house downtown, which will be the wedding location in March. We finished up at the Maitland Art Center. What a great time, and we're looking forward to their wedding now more than ever!


Marina and Joel

We're so excited about working with Marina and Joel. They are actually the first couple that booked in our new studio in Tennessee, and what make it even more exciting is that they were a referral from our friends Nathan and Amber Holritz.

We had a great e-session on Tuesday, starting out downtown and then finishing up at Joel's parents' house. They were lots of fun to work with and we can't wait for their wedding in March.

Heather and Jonathan

We were honored to photograph Heather and Jonathan's wedding at Isleworth. It was a beautiful, emotion-filled ceremony. Heather and Jonathan are so much fun and it was wonderful to meet both of their families, who were exceptional hosts for the day. After the wedding, the reception was spectacular. The event was decorated by our great friends Brian and Richard from the fab Flourish Floral Productions, and the day was coordinated by the wonderful Susie Weiss, from Wonderful Weddings, and her assistants Donna and Kay.