What's with the hair?

Okay, so I've been considering this post for a little while now. I've always been a blend-into-the-crowd type of person. If I get noticed, I hope it's for my work or my beautiful family, or something of substance, not superficial.

But over the past several months, much to my dismay, my hair has been quite a topic of conversation. You have to understand, folks, because of it's texture, my hair can't do anything but stick up. For six years I put on a suit and tie and tried to fix my hair to make it acceptable and non-offensive to my corporate colleagues. And when I finally left that environment, I realized it would be easier to just let the hair do it's thing and throw a little gel up there for support.

It was first in Vegas last spring, when an unnamed photographer from Ohio commented about my "fancy" hair. Pu-leaze, nothing about me is fancy. And to make matters worse, her husband is a retired barber! They shouldn't be allowed to comment on my hair.

Then at our workshop in Orlando a couple months later, another photographer, on video no less, said something silly about my hair and it ended up on CutFrame for all the world to see. He then followed it up by sending me a bumper sticker that says "The higher the hair, the closer to God." LOL!!!

And then this morning, we get a comment on our recent blog post with Eric and John, and another photographer, closely related to the second photographer (and business partners no less), makes a wise-crack about how the light looks on it.

So to satisfy your curiosity, here is the product I use, got2b glued. Yes, it is glue. When applied and dried, I'm quite confidant my hair could pop a balloon, scare small children, rupture the airbag if we got into an auto accident, and lacerate the fingers of anyone who was foolish enough to try and run their hands through it.

One of the scariest incidents happened in LAX when we were traveling back from Isaac and Grace's wedding a couple months ago. Somehow a bird had flown into the airport and it was frantically flying around our gate, trying to find home. It must have gotten confused and somehow mistook my hair for its nest, because it flew right at me, hovered over my head for a few seconds while flapping it's wings wildly, and then flew off. Whew, that was close! I am not making this up, true story, you can ask Joy, or any of the other 200 people who witnessed the incident.

Anyhow, for those interested, got2b glued is available at most grocery stores or pharmacies or wherever else they sell chips and salsa and dark chocolate peanut M&Ms.


sticky said...

Holy smokes, what a funny post!!! You keep rockin' out that fancy pants spike. I think it's the hippest thing this side of the Mississippi.

Jim Cook said...


This is the funniest post you have ever done! Awesome!

What suggestions do you have for bald ing people?

Holritz Photography said...

Hahahahahahahaha! Niiiiiiiice!

- N

Shyla said...

hahaha.... laughing right along with the chorus!

you crack me up G$ ;)

sticky said...

Hey Cook, You're from Kentucky right? How about a raccoon-skin cap, a la Daniel Boone?

G$ is that a goatee or beard, I detect? If so, that's hot!!!!

LaCour said...

I'm glad we cleared this up :)
Now, I think it's Mark's turn to do a blog entry...hmm...that could get interesting. I can only imagine what the title would be, eh?

Hug the hair,


LaCour said...

I love how in the last photo, Joy is in the background working diligently, paying no attention to her crazy husband who's at his desk taking pictures of his hair gel. ~ ERIN

K.C. said...

I've used it, crazy sticky stuff.

Anonymous said...

Garret's next blog post...

"What's with the peach fuzz on your face?"



Jasmine said...

I'm literally laughing in front of my computer...HILARIOUS!!! :)

c r y s t a l said...

So funny!!

That's the exact same stuff I use.....except I don't spike my hair with it! :) That would just be weird! :P

Love you guys!

regina holder said...

You are too funny! I was just wondering if you had a new bottle on hand or if you went to the grocery store and picked one up to photograph. Of course, stopping along the way for chips, salsa and dark chocolate peanut M&Ms.

Regis said...

I thought Asians are the ones with the Spiking hair problem... and you are not an Asian.