Megan and Carlos's e-session

Last weekend we had a great e-session with Megan and Carlos in Orlando. We first met Megan and Carlos at one of the Solutions Bridal events last spring. She was modeling some of the new dresses and we started talking about photography.

They were also kind enough to model for our elevate2 workshop in June. They are getting married at Disney in December and we can't wait for their big day.

A special thanks to my good friend Ron Rader for joining me in Florida last weekend for Megan and Carlos's e-session and Ashley and Jason's wedding.


Anonymous said...

I remember those two! These look awesome Garrett. And her new haircut is great. Keep up the inspiring work.

regina holder said...

I have been watching for you to shoot their e-session. Of course, you totally blew away any of our workshop images. Megan looks so beautiful with the new haircut and Carlos very stylin. Can't wait to see their Disney wedding images. Miss you guys so much! Hugs!