Eat and run

We were thrilled yesterday afternoon to receive a call from our good friend and fellow photographer Eric Larson, from Orlando. He and his friend John were driving back to Atlanta from Kentucky and they wanted to stop in and see the studio and get dinner.

We first heard about Eric when we were in the hospital having Graycen. Joy's nurse, a colleague of Eric's mother, told us about him and so we checked out his work. Outstanding! And over the past couple years we've watched with envy as he's photographed some pretty amazing people. Unfortunately his beautiful wife Jen, also a great editorial and wedding photographer, wasn't along on the trip, so we missed her. They are quite a dynamic team and we're thrilled every chance we get to see them. Together they operate Light of Day editorial wedding photography. But Eric let us in on a little secret that they'll be relaunching their photo brand within the next few months. Exciting stuff!

We had a nice visit and a late-night dinner at the North Shore Grill and then parted ways.

Eric, as always, it was great to see you. And John, it was an absolute pleasure meeting you! I'm glad you liked the asparagus. :-)

Much continued success!


LaCour said...

Aw shucks! We missed out on the reunion with old friends. Looks like you guys had a blast. Very cool...and G, your hair looks like it has some pro-studio backlighting on it ;-)



Anonymous said...

Good to meet you & Joy as well -- it was a great trip through and I wish you both all the best. Let me know if you guys are down in Miami.

Best, -jdl