Penguins Rock

There has been quite an excitement downtown since the Market Street Bridge opened back up. More traffic on the North Shore and shorter commute times back and forth. Every day we pass by the Tennessee Aquarium and every day Graycen sees the big penguin banner on the side of the building. Last week we finally had the opportunity to visit the aquarium with Graycen's good friends Benjamin and Sydney and their parents. It was a blast!

Graycen and Benjamin played for a bit inside the tank. Parental supervision was a must.

Meanwhile, I found Nemo.

And then I found this guy, who looked really cool!

We came around the corner and there sat this lady with a snake, asking us if we wanted to touch it. Are you kidding me? No way. But Benjamin wanted to see it and so did Graycen. I couldn't believe it! But Sydney stood back...I guess she's the smart one. And of course I stood back in the corner with the longest lens I had while Nolan supervised this exercise.

They were trying to touch something, but I can't remember what it was.

The butterfly sanctuary was pretty neat. And they checked our clothes when we left to make sure we weren't stealing any wannabe escapees.

We finally made it to the penguins, and it was totally worth it. Graycen was smiling from ear to ear and back again. She was doing the Happy Feet dance and telling everyone that "the penguins are funny."

Penguins Rock!

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the mombergs said...

so fun guys! I absolutely LOVE the one of Graycen pointing and looking up in wonder at the "funny penguins". You are blessed with the absolutely cutest little girl ever.

hugs to you all!