Heather and Todd, married in Atlanta

We're still reeling from a Heather and Todd's fantastically amazing wedding last weekend in Atlanta at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead. They are such a wonderful couple and they come from such amazing families. It was truly an honor to be in their presence on such a magical day.

I was thrilled to have Chris Torres photographing by my side. He always does a great job capturing images and a handful of these are his.

Heather and Todd LOVE to travel. She had her shoes custom made when they were traveling last year in Hong Kong.

A picture of beauty and grace

A bridal portrait in her beautiful gown by Amsale

Todd is such a fantastic guy! During their engagement session last fall, Heather brought some of the most amazing shoes we had ever seen. Todd's fashion indulgence, however, is eye glasses. I recall during their e-session he had a different pair of glasses for each outfit. Isn't that awesome!

Before the ceremony, all the men gathered in a room for the tish, where they talked about marriage and the Torah.

Signing the Ketubah

Check out these wedding programs!

The Ketubah displayed under the Chuppah

Proud parents

Circling the groom three times

A peek at the guests

The cocktail reception

A soft portrait of the newlyweds

The reception was spectacular

The couple's elegantly choreographed first dance.

Heather's father shared the most powerful and poignant toast.

The reaction from the bride and groom

And the reaction from mom

The hora is always one of the highlights of the evening.

Since both sets of parents were marrying off their last child, they celebrated a double Mizinke, encircling the parents and bestowing them with wreaths and affection.

Heather's mother shared beautiful words as a prelude to the father-daughter dance.

What a beautiful moment! As a photographer this is one of those wedding moments that you live for. An entire lifetime of love captured in a split second.

Todd's parents ALWAYS have these huge smiles on their faces. You can't help but love them.

Todd and Heather toasted each other just before they cut the cake.

Once they cut the cake, the curtains were drawn to reveal the most amazing dessert room.

The groom's cake display, complete with a University of Miami autographed football.

The ice-cream bar was made completely out of ice.

Chocolate anyone???

The evening concluded with more dancing and a beautiful farewell.

Congratulations, Heather and Todd, and thanks for letting us be involved in your big day. May God richly bless you as you begin your new life together. Hope you're having a blast on your honeymoon in Norway and Scotland!


Brandy J Rammel said...

WOW! Absolutely incredible wedding!!! You captured it perfectly. The reception images are particularly nice. And that ice cream bar is out of this world!!!

David L Smith Photography said...

Wow Garrett, fantastic captures. The ice cream bar is freaking awesome. I want one now.

Amy Clifton said...

I teared up when I saw the father-daughter picture...so sweet. And hello desserts--yum-o!

Unknown said...


Holy expensive wedding, Batman!

I love your work, Garrett (and Joy!).

-Lynn (Jyll's sister).

6 of Four Creations said...


I had a wonderful time shooting with at Todd and Heather's wedding. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of their special day. It was an honor to shoot along side of you and to capture their special day.

-Chris Torres

Karen said...

I see another award coming your way for that father/daughter pic. I would have loved to see that ice cream bar in person. Wow!

Aaron Potter said...

Well, that was quite extravagant.

Great shots, truly artistic and a great capturing of the moments and feel of the wedding.

I loved looking at them!