Four Generations: What a Reunion!

Oh, I've been wanting to take this picture for a loooong time. Four generations: Graycen, Joy, Lily and Lola. And this weekend it finally happened.

We just returned home from spending the weekend with Joy's family in Charleston, South Carolina. We always enjoy when our schedule affords us the opportunity to visit. But this trip was even more special because just recently Joy's grandparents moved from the Philippines to Charleston and this was the first time she had seen them in more than 20 years!

I think about how much my own grandparents have meant to me over the years, and this weekend it became evident to me how much I have taken for granted. As a little girl in the Philippines, Joy lived with her grandparents. Their relationship was as close as any parent and child. And then to move away and go for 20 years without seeing them...wow!

There were some pretty happy tears and obviously a whole lot of catching up to do. It was an amazing weekend and we are so blessed.

More pictures later from Graycen's early birthday party in Charleston.


sticky said...

How Amazing! We are sooo happy for you all!!!

Brian said...

want to paint our rooms?
(don't post this)