Guess Who...and other news

We are so excited about our upcoming trips and wedding assignments, we can hardly stand it. This weekend starts off the jam packed travel schedule for every weekend. Garrett is in Atlanta shooting Heather and Todd's wedding. Then its off to Princeton, NJ next weekend for Marissa and Matt's wedding. Then we visit client and friend, Lauren in New York for her new book launch and reading in Barnes and Noble. Then we're off to Loma Linda, CA to photograph ChiChi and Jonathan's wedding, THEN we go to Interlaken, Switzerland to photograph Tracey and Pete's event....whew!!!

Lots going on and we also have big news in the horizon....new things are happening with Garrett Nudd Photography as well as Cobblestone Rue. So check back soon for the announcement.

New thing on the blog: We have posted a poll on the left side about where and when our next workshop should take place. Make sure to vote! We will be randomly posting fun polls for this year, so keep an eye out for them.

I thought it would be fun to post the photo below and have the photographers guess whose feet these are. Leave a comment, be the first to guess all five people right, and you may just get a prize! ;) EDIT: Regis Is the winner! The people are: Garrett, Rachel, Andrew, Joy, and Graycen! He wins a $20 Starbucks gift card :)


Jim Cook said...

brandy, sticky, garrett, joy and graycen

Shyla said...

Thats what I was gonna say Jimbo!
Those look like "sticky" shoes on the bottom right ;)

6 of Four Creations said...

I would guess...but I think I have an unfair advantage. (no it's not us) I'll let people keep guessing so the fun can go on longer. :)

Jim Cook said...

I assume I can guess as many times as I want and based on the hint katie or chris left... how about

Sean, Mel, Garrett, Joy and Graycen

And that is my final answer as I don't wanna go back through your blog again looking for clues!!!!

Jim Cook said...

Ok, I am thinking I could be confused and it is Regis instead of Graycen .... they are both about the same height and I am certain that regis would wear those shoes.

Regis said...

Clockwise from the bottom one.

Garrett, Rachel, Andrew, Joy, Graycen

... Cook! you watch out.

Joy Nudd said...

We've got a winner and its Regis :)
Perfect since the prize is a $20 Starbucks gift card! More guessing games and contests coming soon.

Regis said...

Jim Cook! Eat you heart out!

And I might add that Starbucks gift card to me is as good as gold :)

Jim Cook said...

Ha -- I didn't win on purpose -- I don't drink coffee and I know you inject that stuff in your veins.

Congrats Regis!!! But I still think that you would totally wear those shoes.