Congratulations Rika!

It's Tuesday and on Tuesday Rika comes in. Even Graycen knows that...she often talks about it when she's getting ready for bed on Monday nights.

Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for Rika, she graduated last weekend. Actually, for what it's worth, we were out of town and we haven't talked with her since she finished her finals, so we're not absolutely positively certain that she graduated (we still need to see proof), but most likely she did. So with that, CONGRATULATIONS Rika!!!

Last fall Joy and I were reluctant about "hiring" an intern, but Rika was a grand slam and we knew she would be from the minute we read her first email. She's been a fantastic help this semester, with everything from producing our first e-newsletter, a project that's been in the works for two (count them!) whole years, to helping coordinate our elevate3 workshop in Denver, and everything in between. She even came over and cooked for us, hummis wraps from scratch...with extra garlic! WOW!

And she is uber talented in music: songwriter, singer, performer! Listen to her sing! We love this song!!!

It's been a pleasure having Rika around and we wish her all the best as she launches forward into the great unknown that is adulthood. Peace and Propserity.

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Unknown said...

I did graduate! I promise! Thank you guys so much for being the best bosses/mentors/friends that an intern could possibly have. That post was so sweet-I feel so very honored. (It's kind of weird seeing my photo in a Cobblestone Rue frame-on the internet!)

Love all 3 of you a lot. Thank you for all you do.