Our Newsletter!

We just emailed our very first Newsletter last night! I know, you're thinking, "Where have you been? Its taken this long??!" Thanks to our awesome intern, Rika, for helping us out and sharing our vision with it, it has finally come together! For those not subscribed to it and would like to be, enter your email address in the text box, left side of this blog labeled, "Signup for Email Newsletter" and follow prompts.



Christine said...

Yeah! Congratulations on getting the newsletter out - it looks beautiful! Signing up right now!

Are we still doing an Elevate gathering at WPPI? Want to make sure I have the details on my calendar!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I just wandered onto your blog recently and thought, "Hey, they like Glen Hansard, cool!" Little did I know you're large photography studio. :)

Congratulations on your newsletter, I envy your business savvy. :)