Featured on Don't Box Us In!

We're excited to share that Garrett is the current featured photographer on Don't Box Us In! A new site for photographers with this concept and philosophy: A place for the different, the unique, the tasteful and the extraordinary in wedding photography.

He answered fun questions such as:

How do you keep yourself motivated and your photography fresh?
What was it that first drew you to take up photography?
What's the best part about being a wedding photographer?
What advice do you have for other photographers?

Please check out the Don't Box Us In site and send them some love.

Thanks Mark and Paige, we love the site!

Also, we added more fun photos in our Major Props blog post.


K.C. said...

I enjoyed reading the article. Thanks for posting.

Carl Walters said...

Hey, congratulations Garrett. I'm just off to read it now. Keep up the good work

Carl (OSP)

Anonymous said...

hey garrett, I really enjoyed the article. you had some great things to say and your passion for photography is really evident. keep it up man. later.