2nd Annual Thirst Relief Mentor Auction

For photographers!

Hey guys, sorry this is a little bit late. We've been away from things for the past couple days speaking at the amazing ProPhotogs convention in Orlando.

We are excited to participate again in the second annual benefit auction with the wonderful organization, Thirst Relief. The best part is that all proceeds goes to benefit Thirst Relief!

This is a chance to mentor one-on-one with a photographer...and there are so many fantastic photographers on the list and many we really look up to.

Register HERE to register and start your bid and/or donation.

The photographer who wins the top Garrett & Joy Nudd bid will receive:

-A 90 minute mentoring session with us during WPPI in Las Vegas this March. We can talk about anything you want....shooting, marketing, destination weddings, working as a couple...Garrett's hair products...or whatever else you might find helpful.

-Breakfast or lunch in Vegas on us :) Of course if you can't make it to Vegas but you'd still like to bid, we can definitely mentor over the phone.

-And finally a special surprise that we're totally excited to include. But you'll have to win the bid if you want to find out. ;-)

Following is some of the important information we received:

*The auctions is live now and the auction is based on Eastern Standard Time.

*Bidders will need to register in order to place a bid on a mentoring session. Each mentoring session has a different ending time. However, when the auction is supposed to close, if there is a bidding war happening over a particular mentoring session then that session will stay open until the bidding war ends. This is a very important feature of the auction and it is vital that bidders know.

*The auction will take place for three days from February 9-February 12th. Auctions will end on the 12th (unless your mentoring session is having a bidding war…in which case the session will close when people stop bidding). Bidders need to read the entire auction, including payment information very carefully. Auctions will end at different times, make sure you know when your favorite sessions will close.

*Once the auction ends you and your mentor will be responsible for getting in touch with one another to schedule your mentoring time.

*Mentoring sessions are an opportunity for you to have an industry leader review your website, talk with them about your marketing, pricing, critique your work, or help you in any way.

*Become active in the cause of Thirst Relief by becoming a monthly $5 donor whether you participate in the auction or not. Five dollars saves a life. It would be an amazing gift and a visionary movement if every photographer helped save one life a month for one year!!

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