:e: and g in NYC

I was in NYC on Wednesday and Thursday for a fantastic photo session and I was fortunate enough to squeeze in some time to hang out with fellow photographer and renaissance man Eric Laurits.

Joy and I first met Eric last June when he showed up for our three-day workshop in Orlando. It didn't take us long (about three-and-a-half minutes) to notice his passion for life and never-ending quest for true peace and joy. Eric has his undergraduate degree in music, his graduate degree in acting, he's a certified EMT, and a pretty amazing photographer too. Like I said, a true renaissance man. By the end of the workshop he had ME totally inspired and left me wondering why he had come in the first place. Whatever his reason, I'm so glad he did because it would have been our loss.

After my session on Wednesday, Eric and I hooked up for dinner and then spent the evening looking at images and talking shop. That's what photographers do and it's actually not nearly as lame as it sounds. On Thursday I followed Eric to his headshot shoot with one of his fellow actors. It was great to see him work and it was interesting to experience a different genre of photography that I'm not so accustomed to.

During a break, we grabbed some foolish hat pictures of each-other.

Oh, and I also learned a little juicy fact that ought to impress at least the fairer half of our blog readers.... last year, just as he was completing his graduate studies in Colorado, Mr. Laurits was named Denver's Sexiest Single! Why am I not surprised?!?!?! LOL.

Thanks, Eric, for the time and inspiration. Keep seeking the joy.


eric said...

garrett, you are too kind! It was such a treat having you here. Can't wait for you and the fam to come and visit up in Beantown! Much.love, and thanks for all the confidence you instill in me. :]


ps. that's not me in that silly magazine picture. that's my evil twin.

Jim Cook said...

:e: is HOT.

Dawn Davis said...

He is HOT... ; )

What a fun post! It's so wonderful to be inspired by so many photographers. Does he have a website? Glad you had a great time in NYC. I love that city. And glad you're home safe!

Blessings to you all...

Dawn & fam....

Dawn Davis said...

Okay, just noticed the link! LOL...!

Mark Adams said...

eric is soooo sexy!

Anonymous said...

hahaha....dude..u look goofy =)