More from NYC... Lauren and Mike

How long's it been since we mentioned how cool our clients are? Last week I flew up to NYC to spend a day with Lauren and Mike, photographing their engagement session. You may be familiar with Lauren's wildly successful novels, The Devil Wears Prada and Everyone Worth Knowing. And as if planning a wedding isn't enough, she just completed work on her third novel and we're thrilled to report that Chasing Harry Winston is due out in late May.

We started at their Manhattan apartment and delayed going outside as long as we could. Fortunately for me, Mike is a camera/photo fanatic and quite an impressive amateur photographer, so we passed the time away viewing images and extolling the virtues of Nikon, Canon and an array of lenses, software, and everything else you could imagine. Then we bundled up to brave the outdoor elements. Unfortunately this southern boy was ill-prepared so Lauren and Mike forced a warm hat on my head and scarf around my neck. And once we were out there, I was so glad they did!

I'll only share a few snaps now, and I have to thank Lauren and Mike for their generosity in letting us share these images.

This image is special to me because it's not often that a couple takes me to the exact spot where they first met. This is the spot, a little wine bar, where two years ago it all started. It's an unbelievably charming story (and I heard both versions, his and hers). I'll spare all the juicy details, but maybe sometime you can get it out of them. ;-)

Then we headed down to the Meat Packing District. While Mike and I were gawking at the brand new 3-story Apple Store, Lauren was actually doing my job, scouting locations. And that's when she spotted this gem of a parking garage. I love this shot because it was a true team effort.

We concluded, of course, with a shopping trip to the Apple Store. I think I recall Mike saying that he thought we should stop inside for a few minutes to try and escape the cold...right. Honestly, though, is there any better way to end a great session?

Of course we have to thank the wonderful JoAnn and Frank Gregoli of Elegant Occasions for introducing Lauren and Mike to us. We're looking forward to spending a fabulous weekend together in a few weeks, with lots of sun and no jackets or scarfs.

As for Lauren's upcoming novel, Chasing Harry Winston, you can pre-order your copy online at Simon & Schuster, or look for it in stores in late May. We can't wait!


Amy Martin said...

So cool! I always thought she'd be fun to meet... of course, I love her book :)

LaCour said...

So cool that they took you to the spot where they first met! These are such warm, beautiful photographs of Lauren and Mike!

Can't wait to hear about their wedding.


regina holder said...

I'm so thrilled for you! How cool is it that you get to work with such an awesome couple!

Anonymous said...

What an opportunity! Writers are always fascinating to talk to. ...and that Wine Bar photo is GORGEOUS, it has just the right touch of "candid-ness" to it, that it looks as though you're glimpsing a story unfolding.

Taslim said...

Love the wine bar shot! And how cool - Everyone Worth Knowing is one of my favorites - very excited to hear she has another book on the way!