Major Props: Edited with more photos!

We'd like to give major props to Cher Salo and her crew at the ProPhotogs (ProPs) convention in Orlando. The conference started on Wednesday evening and will conclude this evening with the awards banquet. We were thrilled to spend a couple days with the group, speaking Friday afternoon about wedding photography.

It was a fantastic time for everyone, and I can honestly say that I don't think we've ever met a more enthusiastic and information-hungry group of photographers. There were about 100 in attendance, and they had the enthusiasm of an army. It was great!

Local photographer and resident golf pro John Nielsen was the official photographer/AV guy/go-fer for the convention and he was everywhere. Thanks John, for grabbing a few pics of us and letting us share them on our blog.

Thanks also to our fantastic subjects, Megan and Carlos, our beautiful clients who actually just got married back in December. I'm pleased to confirm that they're still VERY happy newlyweds! ;-)

Finally, thanks to everyone for your love, gratitude and support. Wherever you go, always remember your first great image, the one that gave you the confidence to say, "I can be a professional photographer."


Anonymous said...

Garrett & Joy,

It was great meeting you both at the ProPs convention last week. Your work and values are truely an inspiration to both Cristy and me. We can't wait for the next opportunity to hang with you both (and hopefully your little one as well) in the future. Thank you for the kind words on the blog. Please stay in touch when you are in the Orlando area. :)

John Nielsen

Margie @ Smiles Forever Photo said...

Thank you BOTH for sharing your time and your FANTASTIC Talents with us at the ProPs Convention!!

We really enjoyed the time you spent with us....

You contribution made the convention even more memorable!!

Thank you again, Margie

The Nielsen's said...

Thank you Garrett and Joy for your awesome and inspiring class! Yours was by far my favorite of the weekend! Hope to see you again when you are back in Orlando!

:) Cristy

Cher said...

Garrett & Joy!
You guys were great! I can't thank you enough! Your program rocked! You are such an inspiration to us all.

Thank YOU both for your love, gratitude and ESPECIALLY the support!

Cher Salo

cephotos said...

Garrett and Joy - the two of you are truly inspiring. I loved hearing the stories of how you got started, feeling you passion for the art, and seeing you in action. Thanks again!!!!

Nicole Lynn Photography said...

Thank you so much for coming to the Props Convention. I really enjoyed your presentation and learned so much. I find the connection you both share, both in business and personal life, to be inspiring. I look forward to keeping up to date with your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your awesome program at the Props convention. I was so excited to hear that you were going to be one of the speakers and it was great to see you in person! Your work is an inspiration to me!

Tennille said...

Your program was amazing and your talent just speaks for itself in your images. We were all so fortunate to hear everything you had to share - from both the personal and professional perspectives. Thank you for everything!

Amber Schmidt said...

Garrett & Joy... I was literally moved to tears over and over again during your presentation. Watching you during the shooting demo was absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us. You are truly an inspiration to us all!!

~ Amber Schmidt

Nayanna Arts said...

I need to thank you both for the great program! If I only absorb half of what you touched on, it will make me a better storyteller, hopefully more than that is what I came away with! Thank you!

MB North said...

Garrett & Joy-

Chad and I really enjoyed your class. We learned so much! We had the best seats in the house too (up front) ;) And- you definitely got us with the remember your 1st great image. I had that thought in my mind all weekend!! I loved the feelings that you made us feel with your presentation. Thank you!!

Kindest- another couple from Orlando,
Mary Beth & Chad North

Kimberly Hill said...

Garrett & Joy, it was such a pleasure to meet you at ProPs convention. I was fascinated by how you've changed your business growth to be true to your values.

See you in Myrtle Beach!
- Kimberly

poolen said...

You guys were such an inspiration with your romantic style of photography. You have so much heart in what you do. I was so moved by your presentation.

Love Your Daughter in the singing video.

If you ever find yourself in Oklahoma---look me up. I hope that some day---I'll get to come visit that awesome new studio of yours.

Nancy Poole
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Joy Nudd said...

Wow...we are overwhelmed and all your kind comments just brought me to tears! Thank you for an amazing time! We wish we had more time to hang out with everyone. It was definitely one of the most memorable conventions and wonderful group ever and we wish all of you the best with all that you do. Please do keep in touch and know that we are forever inspired after meeting many of you!

Suzee Bailey said...

WOW ! Thank you soooo much for all your inspiration and sharing !

Frank DiMeo said...

The first shot is such a niiiiiiicce photo!
And that shirt...love your taste bud!
I'm a 2x if you ever think of me while you are shopping. Just let me know how much, and I will send you a check (: