Introducting...Cobblestone Rue



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Don't be alarmed, there is an explanation for the branding hiccup that follows and it will iron itself out soon enough.

Joy and I are excited to finally introduce Cobblestone Rue, a couture portrait studio. As part of the long-term vision for our studio, the launch of www.cobblestonerue.com represents a significant step toward becoming one of the premier couture portrait studios in the country.

For multiple reasons we determined it was best to launch a new brand for our portrait division and let garrett nudd photography stand alone, specializing in high-end, eclectic, stylish, fashionable weddings.

Many local folks have been inquiring about our new venture, and recent promotions have unleashed an even greater response than we anticipated. While the new site has been live for a few weeks now (it was actually first released on Christmas eve), we are currently in the process of relocating our studio and completely re-doing our product line to better serve our clients. It’s a huge task, but we’re thrilled about the possibilities in store for everyone.

So what exactly is Cobblestone Rue?
Go with us, if you will, to a small, quaint street in Paris. A mother and daughter walk hand in hand as they casually browse the latest fashions of their favorite Parisian designers. Hundreds of miles away in Aberdeen, a gray-haired watch maker lowers his glasses and peers out the window of his shoppe into the evening mist. On the street below dozens of children run and romp, laughing and screaming without a care in the world. In Milan, Moscow, Madrid and Medford, across oceans and over mountains, take a look and you’ll see it—people living life on the cobblestone rue.

“There is a way of living that has a certain grace and beauty. It is not a constant race for what is next, rather, an appreciation of that which has come before. There is a depth and quality of experience that is lived and felt, a recognition of what is truly meaningful…. This is the quality of life that I believe in.”
Ralph Lauren, designer, artist, fashion icon

Cobblestone Rue celebrates the style and life and individuality that each one of us holds dear. More simply, it’s life-inspired style.

Please, stay tuned for more.


Kara Pennington Photography said...

This is so exciting! I love the picture you guys have given to explain Cobblestone Rue - so awesome!

Chris+Lynn said...

Congratulations on your next incredible adventure! Beautiful site & beautiful imagery!

Brandy J Rammel said...

Congratulations you guys!!! Gorgeous work and we cannot wait to see more!

Jim Cook said...

Congrats! I love the name! Is there anything that you photograph that isn't awesome? I bet you could take a portait of an Oreo that would be so good that people would want to eat the photograph.

LaCour said...


"life-inspired style."

more simply, brilliant.

love you guys and can't wait to see where the cobblestone rue leads you.


LaCour said...
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cmatthews said...

very nice photograph, Im loving your work, hopefully Im loving the free spirited looks in black and white.

6 of Four Creations said...

We are so proud of you and thrilled. Beautiful writing Garrett. Beautifully put!

K.C. said...

Awesome, I'm very excited for you both. I dropped by your studio a few weeks ago while I was in Chattanooga. Nice place. Can't wait to see the new studio. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Garrett & Joy!

I wish you both the best...


J said...

Love it! The concept, the pictures the site...

Cameron Adams said...

What a lovely set of environmental portraits. Best wishes, Cameron