The Big Picture...and other big news

Its January and what better time to reflect and take time to...fill up our wall space in our home! We have been going nonstop with our business and we've hardly any time for personal projects...so this month we vowed to do SOMETHING with our blank walls. What better than HUGE float mounts! (39.5x60.5 to be exact).

We will post them when they are actually mounted, but we just wanted you to see the crazy amount of wall space we have to fill! This is a photo taken by Garrett of Milan with the Duomo in the background. On the left, is part of the photo of Paris at night also taken by Garrett:

This is a photo of a church on Lake Como taken by Garrett from a water taxi:

Note to clients: If you'd like something similar to this and have certain photos we have taken in mind, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Other news:

Again, amidst the crazy busyness of 2007, elevate 3 was scheduled end of January and was postponed. Well, remembering an offer from an awesome photographer friend last year to host it at her studio, we thought it would be amazing to take elevate 3 to DENVER, CO! Dates will be in April 22-23. Our new workshop website is in the works right now, but if you are interested, shoot us an email at info@garrettnudd.com with subject elevate 3. More info coming very soon!

Also, if you have a photography studio anywhere in the world and would like to host our workshop, please let us know as well :)

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I might be in the market for some fine art prints from the GN studio ;-)


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