The Knot Florida- Stephanie and Ted wedding

The Knot Florida Spring/Summer 2008 issue is now available in stores near you! Check out Stephanie and Ted's wedding (link is blog writeup) in the Just Married section on page 45.

They are a gorgeous couple and we congratulate them once again! Thank you for the opportunity. Its also fun to see so many photographer friends featured in the magazine as well :)

Stay tuned for more editorial news :) :)


Jim Cook said...

Stay tuned for more editorial news?? What a tease!!! Haha

Seriously, that is freaking awesome!!! Congrats!

Brian said...


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Anonymous said...

That is awesome!! Congratulations on getting published!

Grace said...

wow-i'm so impressed with you guys over and over. i bet its really rewarding to see how much you have accomplished. congrats!