DWF and Imaging USA in Tampa

We had a wonderful time in Tampa at the two conventions we went to: Imaging USA and DWF on January 4-8. We are so inspired from all the speakers and photographers and it was so fun to hang out and catch up with friends. This was definitely one of the best convention times we've ever attended.

On Friday, we mentored four photography studios from all over and it was so much fun! We had such a great time and we loved meeting Erica of Tait Photography from Edmonton, Canada, Tracey of Tracey Buyce Photography from
Upstate New York, Eric and Alice of Serendipity Photography from
Houston, Texas, and Sam of PureLight from Nottingham, UK.
Along with a list of many photographers we admire who mentored, the mentoring sessions helped raise $20,000 for charity!!

Now with the photos, (we only brought our point and shoot and did not take many photos on purpose so we can focus on learning!)
This is our good friend, Andrew Niesen from Lacour speaking at his seminar class and its the only photo we were able to take from any class. The classes were ongoing from morning til early evening.

Monday night was the finale for DWF Convention, so after eating a HUGE meal with dessert from Maggiano's, (with a bunch of husband and wife photography teams) Sean McLellan and Garrett decided to have Oreos and it turned into a big Oreo Eating Contest with Joel Wiebner, Jen Bebb, Sean McLellan, and Jake Morrow...below are photos of buying the Oreos...after being in classes all day long, this is what happens :)

Joel Wiebner, Garrett, and Sean

Um, not sure what they're trying to be...

The Oreo Eating Contest ended up being a pretty big deal...fortunately for us, Garrett just officiated and cheered, he didn't participate. ;-) Mighty Joel ended up winning, but he only beat little Sean by one! It was a true David and Goliath contest.

Supporting Shootsac booth..

For anyone who hasn't heard Jessica Claire speak, you should! She is brilliant with all that she does and we learned a lot about buzz :)

And of course, GraphiStudio, talking to our awesome rep, Julie Bell, at the close of the tradeshow.

We are home now and catching up on rest and work, but are inspired to the max and can't wait what 2008 has in store for us :)


Jim Cook said...

eating contest with sean, juggling contest with sticky, wow -- Garrett is competitive!!! Alpha male!

LaCour said...

Thanks so much for hanging out with us in Tampa! It was a whirlwind and being with friends made it even more exciting. We miss y'all!!

Rachel & Andrew

Amy DeYoung said...

I'm so sad I had to miss this year! Your lucky I did though... pregnancy makes for a mean Oreo eating competitor! ;)

Anonymous said...

Garret you and Sean make quite the swashbuckling duo! Next year Joy and I should enter the Oreo contest and out eat Joel!!! We will probably have to start training right now! So glad we got the chance to meet you and Joy! :)