What exactly is an Oreo Eating Contest?

We were in Tampa last week for the annual DWF and Imaging USA Conventions. On the final night of the convention, we joined a large group of friends for dinner at Maggianos. While we were walking into the restaurant Nashville photographer Sean McLellan and I simultaneously started talking about Oreos and how good they are. Somehow it turned into a challenge as to who could eat the most Oreos.

Appetizers were ordered. Then the entrees, then a few folks got dessert. As is the case with most family-style Italian restaurants, it was A LOT of food!

The suggestion came (from my seat) to cancel or at least postpone the Oreo Eating Contest. But across the table, Sean was raring and ready to go. Beside him, Jen Bebb joined the challenge, much to the dismay of her personal trainer, who knew nothing about the challenge, although her husband Steve didn't seem to mind at all. And then at the other table, big-man Joel Wiebner also eagerly took the bait.

So after the tabs were settled we headed across the parking lot to the nearby Walgreens where we emptied their supply of Oreos (see post below). We also searched for a prize for the Oreo champion.

Half of the group headed straight back to the Hyatt while the rest of us purchased the goods. We had assumed it was going to be a little group of us sitting around someone's room, but little did we know that they had cleared out a place in the lobby/bar area and there were about 40-50 people gathered around waiting for the opening ceremonies.

FORTUNATELY, for my sake, when the concept of Milk was introduced to the competition (how can you have Oreos without milk, some asked), that was my ticket out. Thank God for allergies!!! So I nominated (err...forced) Jake Morrow to take my place. That was a wise move on my part.

The contest began with four competitors. The goal was to consume the most Oreos within 30 minutes! And you could use the milk however you want...except you couldn't throw it at the other competitors or the spectators.

Going over the rules...

Let the games begin!

It was quite a race! Jake got distracted and ended up bowing out early. Jen did great and hung with the men for quite a while. Little Sean and not-so-little Joel were neck and neck as they sat across the table, downing one after the other.

At one point Joel stood up to loosen his belt, while Jake (lower right) casually licks the center out of his Oreo (light-weight!).

Jen's hand! This is the hand of one of the Top Ten Wedding Photographers in the World! LOL!!!

With just under 10 minutes left, the cookies are stacked like poker chips...

"One more...are you kidding???"

Finally, when the time had ended, it was Joel who took the crown, eating one more cookie than Sean. We lost count but the honest estimate is 72 Oreos for Joel and 71 Oreos for Sean. WOW...72 Oreos...can you imagine?

I ate three after the contest had ended.

On the way home we had dinner in the airport and I was very tempted to order this oreo cake in honor of Joel and Sean and Jen and Jake. But alas, I didn't.

(Photos courtesy of our good friend Paul Johnson , who was sporting the rad new Nikon D3, which rocks!)


Anonymous said...

Lovely commentary Mr. Nudd! ;P You really must check out our slideshow now for the awesome shots of you guys and the swords! hahahhaha!

Brandy J Rammel said...

My goodness, my stomach hurts thinking about it=)

Too fun! I am bummed you were unable to participate Garrett. Now if it would have been a garlic roll, dark chocolate peanut M&M or ketchup eating contest I am sure that you would have been the top competitor.

Kate said...

Hey, 3 is just as good as 72! LOL! So fun!

Anonymous said...

Amusing state of affairs