Christmas Highlights

Apologies for this being late and no group shots this year, (for the first time we didn't go camera happy!) but for the sake of journaling, here goes!

Started in Charleston, SC with Joy's side of the family on Christmas Eve, (we gave this tutu to Gray several months ago and she wears it almost everyday!)

Christmas Day with Garrett's side of the family:

Mitchell was really getting into opening presents:

Chatting with new cell phone with Uncle Brandon on her new picnic table:

Grandma and Grandpa received a flat screen from their children to replace the TV they've had for 25 years!

Here we are at our home for our mini Christmas:

Gray's new mini wooden kitchen! (Notice the bare walls in the room...in the next few weeks they will finally be filled!!)

The new stroller, (we had to retire her other one) In it is one of the five Backyardigan beanie babies we gave her, Uniqua.

My new Hartmann carry on travel bag!!

Garrett's Garrett Popcorn, (he looks disappointed in the photo even though we have enjoyed the butter and caramel pecan flavors... until he opened one of these which was really unexpected and needed! He has an old one that needs to be retired!)

Gray and Dad having a moment by the tree with one of the many books she received:

Gray and I:


Brandy J Rammel said...

Aww...love seeing all these family moments guys! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. I like the way that you decorated your tree;-) And that last image of Joy and lil g is so precious!

Thanks for sharing!!

Joy Nudd said...


If you look closely to the photo with Graycen and her kitchen over at the tree, there are only three ornaments: a Starbucks cup, a penguin, and a miniature ketchup bottle...someone really really gets us :)

6 of Four Creations said...

I just love that last image! Tooooo precious!