We are Thankful!

Today we are extra thankful. Let us share... (this is the first time we have seen each others' answers!):

Today I am thankful for, in no particular order:
-good health: to wake up in the morning and not be limited to do anything, no excuses.
-positive support group, especially our extended family and community.
-amazing friends and mentors, both with our personal and our business lives.
-wonderful clientele and outstanding vendor partners with both weddings and portraits.
-my husband, Garrett, I could not ask for more! A happy marriage, being able to work, travel, accomplish and experience life and business together.
-our daughter, Gray. Being able to watch her grow, laugh, play, and spend time with her. It is priceless.
-our patient, loving, and loyal dog, Sulley.
-freedom in this country, and more fitting with our business, a creative freedom and lifestyle.
-the ability to spend quality time with family. Being self-employed has helped us reach many of our goals, this is one of them.
-God Almighty, He has truly blessed.

Today I am thankful for:
-a bounty of blessings far more than we deserve.
-a beautiful loving wife and business partner who inspires and motivates me every day. Joy, your passion and grace are contagious.
-a fascinating daughter who teaches me every day about love, innocence, purity, patience, and penguins.
-a wonderfully supportive and caring family in Chattanooga and Charleston who shower us year-round with love and peace.
-many of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. Scattered across the country and around the world, our life is sweeter because you are in it.
-absolutely without a doubt the most amazing clients that we could ever ask for. Witnessing your love for each other and for us is humbling.
-and closely related to that is the fortunate opportunity to be passionate about our work. I can’t imagine doing anything else.
-and last but certainly not least, God.

Today I am thankful for:
-Penguins!!! I like penguins. Penguins are funny. Penguins are crazy. Happy Feet. Silly Penguins.

Tomorrow we spend time and eat lots of yummy food with 27 family members here in TN.
Today, what are you thankful for?


Kristina said...

So precious! You all are the epitome of what we hope to have someday soon. God bless & happy Thanksgiving :-)

the mombergs said...

garrett & joy- you two always make my heart happy. and i LOVE that gray simply loves funny, silly penguins. happy thanksgiving to you all! lots of love and hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

. . .you're not thankful for fantasy football?? What has this world come too . . .!

sticky said...

I'm know I'm thankful for fantasy football after the way Brett Favre played yesterday!

Happy Thanksgiving, Nudds!

p.s. Garrett, you forgot to mention that you were thankful for those cool shades you have! The fancy ones!!!

Renee--The Raders said...

To answer your question..What are you thankful for...we say, among MANY things, that we are thankful for the mentoring and friendship that we have with both of you. You have shared with us and helped us grow professionally and as a result, personally. We pray a wonderful day upon you with your family today.
Renee & Ron :)

jason groupp said...

Penguins ROCK! I'm thankful for them too! :)

Graycen is getting sooo big! So cute.

Happy Thanksgiving you guys!