Heather and Todd E Session

Several months ago when we received Heather's email and she said she was "crossing her fingers and toes that we were available on her date." We had a good laugh, and fortunately we were. We absolutely love excited clients because it always results in good energy and great images.

On Friday, Heather and Todd drove up from Atlanta and met us in Chattanooga for their e-session. They had asked what to wear, and we told them it's better to have lots of options than not enough. So after coming in and saying hi, (and surprising us with some yummy treats, thank you!!!!) they went back out to the car and started bringing in armful after armful of clothes...it was great!

And then she started breaking out the shoes. Okay, I will admit that I'm posting this next series of images very reluctantly because I know this could be potentially damaging to some of our grooms.... ;-)

And now for the whole reason they came to Chattanooga...

Wow, what a fun session! Thanks so much guys for coming up from Atlanta. It was a pleasure getting to know you better and we're looking forward to your wedding weekend at Atlanta's Intercontinental Hotel in May.


sticky said...

First of all, AWESOME job on all 3 of these E-sessions!!!

Secondly, seeing that shot of all of those clothes on the furniture in your boutique(if you will) brings back precious memories of when Brandy J and I were there for our E-session!

What a time, I say!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice shoes!

Davina said...

That shot with just her legs crossed and her shoes is hilarious. I love it.