The Coastal Carolina Fair

While we were visiting Joy's family in Charleston, we were thrilled to drop in on the annual Coastal Carolina Fair. And what a blast we had!

Graycen and Lola rode the merry-go-round

And then Graycen and mommy rode the Bees

When the Bees ride was over, someone got pretty upset

But fireworks always seem to put everyone back in a good mood

Then we rode on the ferris wheel. That was fun, but she got a little concerned when it kept "getting stuck."

This is Joy's aunt playing the cork gun game, while several "cowboys" waited in the background for their turn.

Then Joy and I played a gun game, but fortunately we don't have any pictures to prove who won. The good news is that someone won Graycen a penguin. Now she has 4 of them, not counting the dolphin on the floor at the Mall that she thinks is also her penguin.

After my defeat at the gun game I got talked into riding this obnoxiously crazy ride. It was fun for the first couple seconds, but after that I shifted into survival mode. It spins and dips and flips and drops and believe me, it's a whole lot worse than it looks. They always warn about people with heart conditions....well I think it gave me one! Needless to say, I wasn't back to normal until the next morning.

And finally, for the long walk back to the car, we have to do our best to make sure everyone is buckled in.

Not pictured: The deep fried Snickers that we purchased from one of the food vendors. Don't worry, dad, we'll tell you all about it...LOL! It deserves a post of it's own.

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