"You're sold out, man!"

"You're sold out, man!" said Kathy, one of my former photography students who attended tonight's presentation.

We were blessed with an absolutely fantastic group at this evening's SAU School of Journalism & Communication convocation. We were anticipating a moderate handful of attendees, and so we even recruited a couple family members to come and fill chairs. But boy were we surprised when students started rolling in. I think the room comfortably seats 70-80 and we had around 120. Yikes! It's a good thing the fire marshal didn't poke his head in.

We had a great time sharing about how we got started in photography, highlighting some of our recent travels and weddings in Europe, and talking about our plans for the future.

Janita trying to create extra seats

Talking about one of the images that "changed my life."

Brandon Russell, the video lab assistant, taped the presentation. Hopefully we can get it onto our blog sometime soon.

Lots of questions afterwards. We LOVE this part.

A special thanks to Stephen Ruf (pictured right) for taking the photos. Ruf was one of my main professors when I was a journalism student 10 years ago (holy cow!). Prior to that he was an award-winning television news reporter for Channel 12, the local CBS affiliate. And thanks also, to our dear friend and fellow photographer, David L. Smith, who came out to support us. Needless to say, I forgot to change the aperture on this image and so we only ended up with two of us in focus. Oops!

Finally, we had a couple students afterwards ask us to post the two quotes that hang on banners in our studio. They are:

"Photographs can reach eternity through a single moment." -Henri Cartier-Bresson

"The thing that you'll see in my photographs is that I was not afraid to fall in love with my subjects." -Annie Liebovitz

And the other quote that I referred to often from photographer Gregory Hiesler:
"The best price protection someone can have is being unique.... When people follow trends and their style becomes less definable it fuels their doom." -Gregory Hiesler

Thanks so much to Dr. Rumsey and Mr. Ruf and the faculty for inviting us out, and thanks to the students for coming by! Talking with you, sharing, seeing your passion...you inspire us. It was truly an honor.


K.C. said...

Can't wait to see it if you can get it on your blog. And congrats on the turnout.

Jim Cook said...

You are pretty good with the photoshop clone brush adding all those people into the picture. lol

Seriously, I can see why you were "sold out". You are such an awesome speaker and the information you share is priceless!!!!

You rock!!!

p.s. I am surprised I didn't see Sticky in the audience. Oh -- this wasn't a juggling class. lol

sticky said...

Congrats on the sold-out crowd! That is such a testament to the amazing work and giving that you both do!

I have been thinking about attending a Self-Portrait workshop. Maybe you would like to join me!LOL!! I inevitably always screw it up. But at least YOU get everyone in the shot!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful opportunity guys! It's always a joy to share with students and I love when the Q&A time is so lively and engaging. You both create an atmosphere of learning and sharing that makes everyone feel comfortable asking questions. That's one of the things I loved most about Elevate!

Love to you both (and lil' G too)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the quotes! And thanks for coming to SAU! It's appreciated. --renee

Rambling Twin said...

Looks like you are doing great things at Southern, just like you did for Fl. Hospital. Keep up the great work man. --royce