Off to Norway!

We are in Atlanta right now getting ready for our flight to Norway. We are photographing Silje and Crispin's wedding on Monday. They are so wonderful and we are so excited for them. We will be there until August 1. We won't have cell phone coverage but we will have Internet access, yeah!

Andrew Niesen of Lacour will be joining us there on Saturday. We dropped in on their awesome workshop last night and visited with some of our photographer friends, (photos from Lacour blog).

Should be a fun adventure so stay tuned for pics!


Anonymous said...


It was so nice seeing you at LaCour. I hope you all have a safe flight to Norway. Have fun, and safe travels my friend.


Tim Co. said...

wishing you all safe travels and bring back some fajitas!

Frank DiMeo said...

Dude, that shot of you guys laughing is priceless!
Blessings and love to all.