Ann Marie and William

We had a great e-session last weekend with Ann Marie and William. We shot at the bride's home, in Ponce Inlet. What a beautiful and serene location to live, looking out the front of their home at the Ponce Inlet lighthouse and out of the back of the house at the beach. What I didn't realize, though, is that their portion of beach/ocean has the largest concentration of sharks in the United States!!! Fortunately we didn't get close enough to meet any of them.

Ann Marie and William did great! We shot on the beach, around the house, with the Bentley, and then finished up with a gigantic leap into the pool.

We can't wait for their wedding next month in St. Augustine.


Chris Humphreys said...

Amazing stuff as usual!

Love that first shot!

Marianne Lozano said...

love how "editorial" these shots are! nice work.

Mike Larson said...

love the shots with the car