How sweet it is...

For those photographers who read our blog, if you've ever been to a photography workshop or convention with me you know about my food preferences.

You most likely know how I love chips and salsa and guacamole and pretty much any Mexican food in general, as long as I can work around the cheese. Jim Cook in Kentucky makes some amazing guacamole. And Mike Colon...his Chimichangas are out of this world!

Moving away from Mexican food, last November it became evident on YouTube and Open Source Photo that I have an affinity for Ketchup in large quantities. A group of photographers were visiting town and they witnessed me at Chick-fil-A bathing my fries and chicken nuggets in Ketchup. It became such a tale that one of our brides and grooms, Brandy and Sticky, who are also photographers in Ohio, presented us with a huge bottle of Heinz Ketchup after we photographed their wedding! It was such a thoughtful gesture and one that we very much appreciated. But please let me clarify and dispel any rumors...I don't put ketchup on everything, just on the things it belongs on. And on those particular things, yes, I like it in mass.

But perhaps my most exciting food discovery took place last Sunday evening. We had just finished photographing Natesha and Chris's wedding in Orlando. We stopped off for a snack and as I was browsing the aisle I found the long awaited and much anticipated DARK Chocolate peanut M&Ms! It's impossible for you to realize how happy this made me. They came out with dark chocolate M&Ms for a limited time back with the Star Wars movie was released a couple years ago. Soon they were discontinued and I was disappointed. Then, a few months back we discovered dark chocolate plain M&Ms. Alas, I had hope that some day soon the dark chocolate peanut versions would be back. And I'm very pleased to announce that they're here!!!!!!

So party! And please eat responsibly.


Brandy J Rammel said...

LOL!! Oh my goodness........I already have a sugar headache imagining how many of these you can eat in one day:-)

6 of Four Creations said...

These make me sad that I am allergic to peanuts! I love these. I am still grateful to have the dark chocolate m&ms though!

Anonymous said...

Nooooo! I can't get them here!

I suppose I'll have to ask Mom/Dane to bring over a bag in August. :)

Adam Hudson said...

Thats what I'm talking about! Im a dark choclate lover too. I probably have atleast half a dozen photos of you holding a big bag of M&M's at Elevate2.