Norway day 2

Okay, so I've fallen a slight bit behind, but since you're still sleeping stateside, I'm going to make an effort to catch up, though in a few minutes it'll be time to run downstairs before breakfast closes.

We spent day 2, our first full day in Norway, running around the city. We visited a mall and bought a few items. We're just trying to keep Joy dressed since she's still waiting on her bag to arrive.

Here's a shot from the waterfront. Joy said this really brings back memories from when she lived in Scotland, growing up.

We saw this wedding gown in the storefront. It's priced at 10,700 NOK, which is about $1,877. I can't imagine a salon could get anything close to that for this dress in the states.

At dinner. I think she's wondering when, or perhaps if, she'll see her luggage again.

On final approach to the hotel. Around 11 pm local time, as it's starting to get dark.

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