elevate 2 and Graycen's Niiice video

Below is a wrap-up video made from our elevate 2 seminar last week. It was only one take! The attendees and guest speakers are just so awesome and we had such a blast! More about elevate 2 later :) Do you hear Frank (from NY) saying "Niiiice"? The second video is Graycen's version :)

And here is Graycen's version (from the studio today) of Frank's "Niiiiice" saying :)


-Matt said...

heehee!!!! she's toooooooo cute!!!!

"niiice!" O.S.SEEEEEE


miss you guys...tons!


K.C. said...

She is just too cute.

LaCour said...

LOVE the video from elevate! Was it rehearsed?!! I'm impressed. Hilarious and well executed! ; )

~ Erin

Mike Larson said...

sweet seminar, man, you guys are helping so many people out, Im so stoked things are going well for you guys, maybe i'll be able to swing by one of your seminars!

Anonymous said...

awwww maaan, u guys make me so jealous *AGAIN!!, like the 100000000th time* =).

great job for elevate 2 guys.