elevate2 was an absolute blast. Thanks to everyone for your love and friendship. There were many lessons I learned last week. One was to not schedule a four-day workshop and two weddings 600 miles apart in the same week. Fortunately the workshop was amazing and both of the weddings were spectacular!

More from elevate2 later. This weekend we'll be in California for our dear friends' Isaac and Grace's wedding. We're not photographing, we're attending! I can't wait. Ciao.


LaCour said...

What an amazing week you guys created for all of us!
It was such a fun experience, and your warmth, sincerity and genuine care for everyone made it even more special!

Thanks for welcoming all of us into your world :)


Brandy J Rammel said...

An incredible experience provided by an incredible couple:-) Thank you so much for the amazing week!

We miss you guys already!

brandy and stick

Frank DiMeo said...

Thank you again Garrett and Joy. Everything you do is first class, and it is such a pleasure to have you two in my life. I so wish we could get together way more often, and treasure every second we share. The seminar and everyone was fantastic, but you two are like no other.

We all love you two and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so open, real, and willing to share everything you have worked so hard at.

6 of Four Creations said...

Chris and I loved every moment. Your time and work was definitely not in gone to waste. Thank you both for who you are in our lives as photographers, but more importantly as people.

We love you both!

Chris and Katie