Tiffany and Andrew's e-session

We had a great time with Tiffany and Andrew on their e-session in Winter Park last week. It must have been surprising from their perspective when they were expecting to meet just me, and instead they got three photographers! It was a blast though, shooting with Joy and with our good friend Regis Chen, from California. And Tiffany and Andrew handled it like real models. They did great!


Regis said...

Thank you Joy and Garrett for letting me tag along.

For anyone that has not attended their "Elevate" seminar, I highly recommend that you do so soon. It was great to hear Garrett talk about Shooting from the Heart, and giving his clients the "Client Experience". But to actually see him in action implementing those skills was invaluable.

Thanks again for letting me come along, and for not charging me to do so :)

Holritz Photography said...