Image of the Week: Image(s) #12

(Upfront disclaimer: No, we're not models, and we don't pretend to be, in case you were wondering...LOL.)

Since Thurday evening we've been in Colorado, and we're having so much fun. Friday through Sunday we were with Amanda and Rob for their wedding weekend, and then Sunday night we drove to Aspen for a couple days of down-time and to celebrate the 6 years we have been married!!!

Tonight we went out to dinner, (they have phenomenal restaurants here!) and on the way back to our hotel we stopped to do a couple fun shots of each other.

It's interesting how the naked eye doesn't often notice reflections unless they're totally obvious. So tonight as we were shooting, using light from the street lamps and illumated storefronts, we noticed these cool reflections and thought they were fun.

Jerry Ghionis, in his workshop a couple weeks ago, really challenged us to look for reflections, even in places we can't imagine finding them. "Once you start seeing them," he said, "you'll find them everywhere."


Tim Co. said...

I really love the shot of Garrett - everything about it is perfect I think! Wow, even the color chocies etc. are great.

Maybe you guys should be models! :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on anniversary. Happy belated b-day to Joy.

Using yourself as images of the week?! I think you secretly want to be a model--it's your coming out party!


Jenna & Matt Walker said...

Garrett and Joy!
It was so great to meet both of you. I want to see the shots of the wedding party jumping in the water!

The image of amanda in the aspens is stunning. you represent our state well!

Keep in touch and Matt and I both look forward to getting to know you more!

Travel safe!

Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

Thanks Tim!!
Esther and Brian, you just wait when we get to NY soon!! Miss you guys :)

Gregg and Jenna, it was a blast meeting and seeing you. THanks soo much for having the GTG. We ADORE your beautiful state of Colorado and hope to visit often :)