Happy July 4th!

A couple weekends ago we flew from Chattanooga to Philadelphia to photograph Karey and Justin's wedding in the Poconos. When we were exiting the plane at the Phili International Airport we walked up the walkway and to the gate and there was a woman with two small children anxiously peering through the crowd. Suddenly they started jumping up and down and screaming. It felt like they were looking right at me and it was awkward. I glanced behind me and saw a man in uniform following close behind. His face showed the same excitement. Upon realizing what was happening, we stepped to the side and let him run around us. There before our eyes we witnessed one of the most beautiful "family reunions" I have ever seen. My eyes welled and my heart swelled and had I not felt it would've been disrespectful, I would have run up and given all four of them a hug too.

For the next couple days we're visiting Joy's family in Charleston. This morning we did some computer work, then we had lunch, then we ran some errands. This evening we'll go to dinner and maybe shoot off a few fireworks. But on this day, the day that we celebrate our country's independence, we say a special prayer for the men and women serving in the armed forces and the families that they leave behind. Their sacrifices are truly immeasurable and we are forever grateful. May they be richly blessed for their sacrifices.

Graycen's July 4th outfit courtesy of our dear friends Esther and Brian Liu.


Tim Co. said...

wow graycen looks different...oh man she's growing up!

Sarah Barlow said...

Wow!! I know it is always grips my heart when I see that sort of thing too!! It's incredible! And one of the sweetest things to ever see!

Graycen is soooo adorable! :)

Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

thanks for stopping by Tim and Sarah :) Hope you have a great rest of the weekend :)