Image of the Week: Image #11

For this week's installment of Image of the Week we selected one of the e-session pics that we shot of Natesha and Chris. I love walls, not just plain walls, but walls with interesting color and texture. This is obviously a wall of lockers. I've been wanting to do a locker e-session shot for a long time, but obviously had to wait until we found the right couple. Natesha and Chris were high-school sweethearts, so the shot made perfect sense. The lights were turned off in the hallway, but an occasional light remained on. We positioned them under one of the flourescent lights, just a few lockers down from the one Natesha used during her senior year. We grabbed the shot and then burned in the edges in PS. It was a fun shot and I'm sure it will have special meaning to them for years to come.

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