Amanda and Rob's wedding

We were honored to photograph Amanda and Rob's wedding on Sunday. The wedding took place in Redstone, Colorado, about 45 miles from Aspen. It was a beautiful day and a magnificant hill-side setting.

Of course, Amanda was beautiful in her wedding gown and cowboy boots. As for Rob, he wore a black pinstripe suit, making him the most handsome guy on the mountain. After the reception we went with the bridal party over to the Gibson's house to get some shots in the river, which turned out to be more fun than should be allowed at a wedding. :)

Thanks so much, guys, for letting us be a part of your special weekend...we shared a special day, it was also our 6th wedding anniversary! It was a pleasure spending time with your families and getting to know them. It was indeed an occasion we'll never forget. May God continue to bless you as you begin your new life together. Have fun in Cozumel :)


Holritz Photography said...

Garrett and Joy,

This is a gorgeous wedding. Thanks so much for sharing with us!!!

We miss you loads!


Charles Bordner said...

The Nudds strike again!!! Guys #1 and #2 are absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Looks like everyone had fun too. I love #2 those trees really add a cinematic quality!!! Almost like she's the Liv Tyler princess in Lord of the Rings. Anyway there I go again thinking out loud. I know that Amanda and Rob were so glad that they hired you guys to capture this event.